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Construction of the school in Almaty. Stages
25-11-2015 13:19 | “Orkendeu” Project » The High-school for 1200 places at the Almaty cit

Construction of the school in Almaty. Stages Just over a month has passed since beginning of construction of the Secondary school for 1200 places in Akzhar village, Nauryzbay district in Almaty.

All the preparatory works on-site have been completed, cleaning of the area from the top soil has been carried out, a perimeter fence on the area border has been installed, specifications have been obtained and the temporary communication lines of the required capacity have been laid.

At the moment, the general contractor has implemented 100% of the works on excavation of pits for ten blocks of buildings.

Сoncrete works are already started.

Tale of Ray Charles: How an Orphan Became Prince
20-11-2015 15:03 | History of success

Tale of Ray Charles: How an Orphan Became Prince “I do not understand why you, sighted people, have so narrow look at the world? Open your eyes, I beg you. I am ready to absorb life like a sponge ...”

We present to our readers Ray Charles – the legendary American composer and singer who made “soul music”. This music – is not just a cocktail of psalms and blues, but a musician’s heart that sings and which he gives people completely selflessly.

In US National Archives the American Millennium Time Capsule is stored. It is filled with objects that symbolize the world of the late twentieth century. When in 2100 the descendants reveal it, they will find a helmet of World War II soldier, a piece of the Berlin Wall ... Among other things, there will be a pair of Ray Charles’ glasses.

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Ранние годы, детство и семья
Рэй Чарльз появился на свет 23 сентября 1930 года в городе Олбани штата Джорджия. Его семья была очень бедна, а потому с самых ранних лет будущий великий музыкант привык к безденежью и постоянным лишениям. Отец Рэя оставил семью, бросив своих двоих сыновей на попечение матери и бабушки, и практически не принимал участия в жизни своих детей, появляясь в их доме от силы раз в год.

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The contest "Build your business - 2015-2016" is launched!
17-11-2015 14:38 | news

The annual contest "Build Your Business" is waiting for you. Read all the terms and place your applications on our website

Triple housewarming
11-11-2015 12:51 | “Youth” Project

Triple housewarming During the summer and autumn of this year, as many as three members of the "Youth" Project became owners of their apartments after all the necessary legal procedures for its legalization.

Two guys have obtained the desired square meters in new buildings thanks to participation in the pools on formation and distribution of apartments through JSC "Zhilstroysberbank of Kazakhstan". Another guy bought a two-bedroom apartment on the secondary market.

The "Youth" Project of the "Saby" Charitable Foundation exists since 2011, it gives the possibility for graduates of the Almaty's orphanages to buy apartments on preferential terms.

The Good Cause Cannot be a Little One
04-11-2015 16:29 | Targeted assistance

The Good Cause Cannot be a Little One Dear friends, we said time and again "thank you" for all the charitable contributions that you transferred to the account of "Saby" Foundation by means of QIWI payment terminals.

Amount, seeming a small at first sight, in fact, can do great things. At this time, raised money from your donations help to give a targeted aid to the young native of Petropavlovsk, disabled person of group I, suffering from an incurable disease - multiple sclerosis.

To keep the muscles at work and not to take the seat into wheelchair once and for all, the guy needed daily physical activity. We bought for him special weight bench. The good news is the fact that the disease did not break the young man moral. He has literary talent, and even published a book of his poems and prose. For his creative work our Foundation presented the writer a laptop.

So you, my friends, by transferring for charitable uses 200, 500, 1000 tenge, changed life of the human and significantly improved it!

Remember, each tenge is important! After all, as the saying runs, "every little bit helps .."


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