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The street named after D.F. Snegin
12-02-2016 17:45 | The streets of southern capital

The street named after D.F. Snegin In 2003, according to the decision of the local maslikhat, one of the streets of Almaty was named in honor of the people’s writer Dmitriy Snegin. A small low-speed residential Snegin Street is located to the north from the avenue named after Al-Farabi, between Dostyk Avenue and Furmanov Street, and it has a length of 1 km.

Snegin Dmitriy Fyodorovich (real surname — Potseluiev; November 7, 1911 — March 31,2001) — a Soviet writer, screenwriter, People's Writer of the Kazakh SSR (1984).

Biography is presented in the Russian language

Есть люди, которые всю жизнь остаются верны месту своего рождения. Остаются верны и своим призванием, и своим творчеством, и своей реальной жизнью. Из их числа народный писатель Казахстана, лауреат Президентской премии мира и согласия, участник Великой Отечественной войны, народный депутат, общественный деятель, награжденный орденами Красной Звезды, Боевого Красного Знамени, Трудового Красного Знамени, «Знак Почета», «Дружбы народов».

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“Build your own Business 2015-2016” Competition. Shortlist
05-02-2016 20:19 | news

List of Semifinalists of “Build your own Business 2015-2016” Competition.

1. Производство труб для теплотрассы
2. Новые железобетонные изделия (колодец для септиков)
3. Производство одноразовых бумажных стаканов
4. Переработка пластиковых отходов
5. KunTech - производство геллиоколлекторов (солнечные батареи)
6. Мастерская, дизайн студия Теплая (производство детской мебели)
7. Обогреватель малого потребления энергии
8. Настоящий алматинский апорт
9. Изготовление гидропонного зеленого корма
10. S-med (обучающие медицинские тренажеры)
11. Производство медицинских кроватей
12. Z COMMUNITY - образование будушего
13. Школа программирования
14. Sport Concept (Дворовый спорт)
15. Производство одежды BY SA
16. Энергосберегающая система ESCO
17. Анимационный сериал "Балалар"
18. Made in KAZAKHSTAN (прибор учета)
19. Производство национального напитка "Көже"
20. Хлеб для каждого
21. Заморозка ягод
22. Туман сервис
23. пансионат "Сәкен" на побережье озера Алаколь
24. Топливные гранулы (ПЕЛЛЕТЫ)
25. Прогнозирование наводнений с использованием технологий искусственного интеллекта

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The youngest in the "Alem" Programme
04-02-2016 12:33 | Alem – support of young talents

The youngest in the "Alem" Programme The "Alem" Programme for support of young talents is intended to assist children with talents in various fields of science, arts and sports .

Therefore, we could not pay no attention to the request of 10-year-old Masha Borisova, who, despite her young age, who has 1st dan rank of Shotokan Karate and many diplomas and certificates for winning in various competitions.

A girl from a multi-child family has gone in for karate from 4 years and have never missed any lesson! Of course, such a sense of purpose and will to win should be supported.

"Saby" Fund decided to pay to the young sports star the visit to "Martial Arts Olympics East-West 2016", which will be held in May 2016 in St Petersburg.

Masha became the youngest participants of the "Alem" Programme.

Our Response for a Housing Question
27-01-2016 14:41 | “Youth” Project

Our Response for a Housing Question Housing question, which complicates lives of boarding school leavers, is successfully resolved within the framework of the “Youth” Project of Saby Charitable Foundation.

Certainly, we cannot boast a wide-scale distribution of flats to all people in need. Our foundation renders assistance only to those children, who, for reasons beyond control, did not meet the requirements of the state program of housing provision for orphan children.

The “Youth” project is a pilot project and makes strict requirements for the applicants. In addition, the project gives a chance to almost desperate people to acquire their own house.

To the present time, 8 out of 9 participants of the project have become the possessors of desired square meters thanks to the established cooperation between Saby, Zhilstroysberbank of Kazakhstan and Almaty boarding school leavers.

Build Your Own Business. Such opportunity is still available
20-01-2016 12:57 | news

Build Your Own Business. Such opportunity is still available  Attention all!

We remind you, that submit application for participation in the annual competition “Build your own business”, which can change your life cardinally giving psychological impulse and financial possibility to develop your business, will terminate on January 31.

There is a little time, but still there is a chance!

No difficulties: just shoot a two-minute video and tell about your business plans, share it in social networks and send us the application (details here).

We wait new, actual and perspective ideas!


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