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The Right Choice is Career Advancement
22-10-2014 11:02 | Educational project

The Right Choice is Career Advancement During 4 years Saby Charitable Foundation in the framework of its Educational Project organizes and finances testing of vocational guidance of the high school pupils living in orphanages in Almaty and Almaty region.

Tests are held every six months in a specialized training center. A program developed by professors from M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University allows fairly and accurately to recommend a specialty or more specialties to choose from, with which the subject will be able to achieve the greatest success in the future and which best fit his/her abilities and talents.

Of course in the age of electronic technology each PC user can test his/her inclinations by the means of a wide variety of tests and questionnaires offered by online resources. But not all of these questionnaires are prepared by experts and are of practical use.

Our Foundation is in contact with professionals in the field. It has been tested more than 450 pupils within 4 years of joint working. Among them 65-70% of children successfully enrolled in vocational and higher education institutions on the specialties that they have been recommended by the experts on the basis of the analysis of obtained results.

The Street Named after Timiryazev
15-10-2014 15:50 | The streets of southern capital

The Street Named after Timiryazev Timiryazev street was formed in 60-70s in Almaty, is situated in Bostandikskyi District, runs from East to West, from Zheltoksan street to Zhandosov street, crosses Baytursynov street, Auezov, Zharokov, Gagarin Avenue, Radostovsta (old name Maurice Thorez) and Rozybakiyev street.

Kliment Arkadiyevich Timiryazev(1843 1920)

The street is named in honor of the Russian Natural scientist, the founder of the Soviet school of Phytophysiology, the modern Photosynthesis theory of Timiryazev Kliment. The main botanical garden of Institute of Botany of the Kazakhstan Academy of Science, which gives it a unique appearance situated in it.

Results of the Mathematical Contest
08-10-2014 15:58 | Alem support of young talents

Results of the Mathematical Contest This August Saby Charitable Foundation has announced the selection of pupils of 7- 8 forms for intensive mathematical courses within the framework of the Alem Young Talents Support Program. The results of the selective testing have been declared recently, the winners of which became 10 candidates who received the maximal points.

There were many pupils who desired to try their strength, that is why they were divided into two groups with the aim to check intensively the preparation of each child, the ability to solve mathematical problems and to think logically.

Unfortunately, such contests are held rarely. And, perhaps, for the first time in Kazakhstan the financing of education and methodical materials expenses for 5 years (!) has fully defrayed the charitable foundation.

We publish the names of 10 lucky persons, whose first task will become the serious education in mathematics for further entrance the most prestigious technical universities.

01-10-2014 17:53 | Educational project

WHEN YOU HAVE A KNOWLEDGE - UNT DO NOT FEAR Since October we start the new stage of preparatory courses to UNT (Unified National Testing), which, as usually, will last 8 months. Children from boarding schools of Almaty city, who undoubtedly set the goal to get higher education, will start to improve their gained in school knowledge and to master new, more complex, issues and subjects.

The courses organized by Saby Foundation in one of the city educational centers show excellent dynamics from year to year. For example, all children who attended lessons during 2013-2014 academic year entered universities with fellowship. Such results are explained by first strict selection of students, their lofty aims and good level of teaching.

We hope that 2014-2015 stage will become effective and will show the corresponding results in May of the next year when our graduates get necessary points on UNT.

24-09-2014 17:25 | Save the childrens life

SMS-Help Health of the child is the main joy of its parents. But unfortunately the disease does not select either older or younger people and our foundation receives numerous cries for help. Jointly launched SMS Campaign "Give Children Life" by Mercy Volunteer Society and Saby Foundation aimed at the effective treatment of children abroad already works for 7 years. It is gratifying to see that the number of those, who got help, approached the thousand mark, during the whole period 1367 operations for 982 children was paid.

As of August 25, 2014, the sum of money collected for the project makes up 8,403,372 US dollars.

We remind you that each subscriber for ACTIV, KCELL and BEELINE can participate in mobile/cell charity, it is just enough to send an SMS-message with number "1" or good wishes to the short number 8099 and the amount of 280 tenge will be deducted from your balance and transferred to a special account opened in the framework of this Action.


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