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Our Congratulations with the Day of Constitution, Dear Compatriots!
29-08-2014 12:29 | news

Our Congratulations with the Day of Constitution, Dear Compatriots! Saby Charitable Foundation sincerely congratulates all people of Kazakhstan with the state holiday Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

Our country is a democratic, social and legal state and this choice made exactly we, the citizens of the independent country having voted for the new constitution 19 years ago.

Today the main treasure and property of the republic is the social harmony and unity of people. We promote our country only ahead by developing economics and social sphere and consolidating the international authority of the country.

On this significant for all of us day we sincerely wish you strong health, happiness and prosperity!

Let this holiday always give us strength and confidence in the achievement of stated goals for good of our native land!

One More Hope of Kazakhstan Sports
27-08-2014 12:23 | Alem support of young talents

After a stunning success of Denis Ten in Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, public interest in figure skating among our fellow countrymen has risen sharply. Owing to diligence and perseverance of this talented guy, thousands of the Kazakhstan people have made their thirst steps in skates.

We want so much that such pleasant moments would come over again. Therefore we readily backed up the appeal of National Figure-Skating Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan to provide financial support for Arthur Panikhin to participate in Grand Prix Competition for Juniors taking place 3 to 6 September in Ostrava, Check Republic.

Sabi Charity Fund covered all the expenses of the figure skater and his personal couch on air travelling, transfer, accommodation and catering. Now our sportspeople will represent Kazakhstan among 68 countries of the world in Mens Single Skating Nomination.

Arthur has been figure skating for nearly 10 years and he has achieved good results. He was awarded a gold medal in 2012 and a silver medal in 2013 in Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

We do believe that Arthur will brilliantly perform in the international competition, justify our hopes and get 10.0!

By Rendering of Assistance You Enlighten Your Way
20-08-2014 12:23 | Terminal

By Rendering of Assistance  You Enlighten Your Way John Rockefeller, the richest person in the world, said: Help people not for the remuneration in money but in all honesty. Give 10% of your profit for charitable purposes. Life is a boomerang, what you give the same returns to you. The history of the multimillionaires success is the bright confirmation.

Kindness returns in multiple size, and returns not in material values but with sincere words of gratitude. This kind of gratitude is much more important!
We say THANK YOU to all our philanthropists who using payment terminals transfer money to the account of Saby Foundation.
Thank you for your confidence! All your money is transferred for good of people in need.

Do not pass by QIWI payment terminals, choose Saby Foundation, and give people kindness!

Super-Hero of Our Time
18-08-2014 11:07 | History of success

Super-Hero of Our Time Shavarsh Vladimirovich Karapetyan is the Soviet Underwater Swimming sportsman, 11 time world record-holder, 17 time world champion, 13 time European champion, seven time champion of the USSR, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR. The Honorary President of the Russian Underwater Swimming Association. Awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor and also awarded by International Olympic Committee for Fair Play.

Biography is presented in the Russian language

19 1953 . 1964 , 8 . 19751976 . 1991 .

6 2013 -2014. , .

Meet the New Web Site of Alem Program!
08-08-2014 11:58 | Alem Programme

Dear friends,

By the 12th anniversary of our Foundation we have launched the renewed web site version of Alem Young Talents Support Program The team of talented designers, computer experts and content managers has been working at this version for 2 months.

In the result of collective efforts the new, modern and quick oriented web site with the improved navigation system, unique interface and nice graphic images has been created.

In the new portal it has become more convenient to file applications for the participation in the program, to look through photosets and video, to read news. You can learn more detail information about Alem participants, to read their dairies and share with this information in the social networks.

We hope that you will estimate all qualitative changes of our internet page and the number of the possessors of grants of Saby Foundation will become greater.


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