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Street Named After Bassenov
Yesterday, 17:42 | The streets of southern capital

Street Named After Bassenov One of Almaty streets was named after Toleu Kulchamanovich Bassenov. The street is situated to the south of Timiryazev street and to the west of Zharokov street.

Bassenov Toleu Kulchamanovich (1909-1976)

The first Kazakh professional architect, honored builder of the Kazakh SSR, associate member of the Architecture Academy of USSR, one of the first scientist-pedagogues in the field of architecture, the founder of the Kazakh Architectural School, the first chairman of the Association of Architects of Kazakhstan. Bassenov was the initiator of the first Architectural Faculty foundation in the republic.

He was born in Shalkar district of Aktobe region. Bassenov graduated the Leningrad Institute of Civil Engineers and started his labor activity in the Construction Department of the Council of Peoples Commissars of the Kazakh SSR.

What the Childrens Home Lives By
17 July 2014 | Orkendeu Project » Orphanage in Kyzylorda

What the Childrens Home Lives By Time flies imperceptibly. This is the second year the inmates of Kyzyl-Orda Childrens Home have lived in a new place, built for them by Saby Foundation. This house has become home for orphans by giving them comfortable atmosphere and warmth in the true sense of the word and razing from the childrens memory dank and grey rooms of the old building.

We have been watching with pleasure how the childrens life was arranged and now is taking place within the walls of the new building. In addition we were particularly concerned about the issue of creating for children an appropriate recreation area in the open air. Initially, in the developmental stage of the construction project, we have devoted much attention to the issue of planting area, since all childrens institutions are to be separated as possible from adjacent territories and streets through the creation of shelterbelts. There was one serious nuance the local severe climate and salty soils dont make good germination capacity.

However appropriately selected species of plants, proper planting and care did their job children run around on the lush grass, enjoy life-giving water of a fountain and rejoice at bright flowers colors. And for supper a cook prepares for them tasty dishes from fresh vegetables harvested in own beds.

May this oasis around the Childrens Home expand and probably in time it will become a green pearl of the city at which people will come to have a look.

Throw Away Gadgets Fall to the Training Systems!
10 July 2014 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Throw Away Gadgets  Fall to the Training Systems! Creation of favourable conditions for sport and inclusion to a healthy life of children from social vulnerable groups of people are the main tasks of so-named project of our Foundation.

Within its framework Saby made a wonderful present to the Adaptation and Support Center of Alumnuses from social institutions of Almaty city Zhastar Uyi (Youth Center) several modern training systems which perfectly suited to the interior of exercise room.

Most of children who live in the center, notwithstanding educational and professional duty take seriously the question of physical development. The present is intended exactly for them.

To pick up hundreds of kilometers on fitness cycle, to become a real road runner on the run track, to make dozens of different cardio exercises is possible now.

Straight ahead to health and well-being!

19 Precepts for Parents and Tutors by Maria Montessori
2 July 2014 | Wisdom of the Great

19 Precepts for Parents and Tutors by Maria Montessori It is considered that only four teachers of the XX century made the educational revolution. They are: John Dewey, an American, Georg Kerschensteiner, a German, Maria Montessori, an Italian, and Anton Makarenko, a soviet pedagogue.

Maria Montessori represented the short precepts-reminders for parents and tutors. The precepts are simple, but if you ponder the sense of each of the precepts it is the multivolume wisdom in a few words. We advise to read over this list just for once a year and then the relations with children can pass on the new qualitative level and a child will grow a more developed and harmonious person.

Youth Project Is Three Years Already
26 June 2014 | Youth Project

Youth Project Is Three Years Already Three years ago our charitable foundation covered the question of the trilateral agreement conclusion between Saby, Zhilstroysberbank JSC and the first participants of the Youth pilot project.

To the present day we are quite pleased with the results: four participants have become the possessors of their own flats, moreover, three of them received the flats according to the pool of Zhilstoysberbank in a house under construction in one of the new districts of Almaty city. In the nearest future the house is put in commission and the succession of housewarmings will not keep waiting.

One of the participants acquired ready flat and invited us to share with her joy. We accepted the invitation with pleasure and visited the happy possessor of precious meters. We mentioned that the young landlady furnished her house tastefully attaching to it homelike lived-in-look. Web link of the photo.

Very soon other participants will join the final straight on the way to their sacred dream own roof over their heads.


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