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Charity visit from the UK
Views: 1 | 21-09-2016 | Sports Project

Good children's playground is the key to the correct physical and sometimes creative development for children of all ages. Charity Foundation "Saby" regularly works on that the childhood of talented children from poor families and children left in the care of orphanages passed correctly. In this regard, the regular programs for the development of playgrounds in different cities of Kazakhstan are conducted.

The last time, the sports ground of the Children's home No. 1 in Almaty was repaired 8 years ago. Since then, the sports and play equipment was worn. To help to perform a major overhaul of the site, the unusual guests came to the orphanage - 13 gifted children from the oldest British school for boys Harrow School. Within a week, Almaty guys and their guests shared their skill at needlework, became acquainted with the life and traditions of the two countries, as well as helped to lay a new rubber coating on the playground of the children's home. Overhaul became possible due to the donation of parents from 13 pupils of the Harrow School.

The desire to do good deeds and help children sometimes unites people not only from different cities, but from different countries also. We again were convinced in that and made a real holiday for the children!

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Minority forms majority (Jap.)
Views: 10 | 13-09-2016 | news

Minority forms majority (Jap.) Dear Friends!

We are glad to announce, that due to your QIWI donations to ‘Saby’ Foundation we have accumulated another sum of money sufficient for a big and right thing.

We have managed to support Civil Society Organisation of Disabled People ‘Zhiger’ of Iliyskiy district of Almaty Region by purchasing sewing equipment to expand their sewing shop.

Now ‘Zhiger’ CSO has obtained an opportunity to accept large orders and participate in state tenders for sewing and restoration of clothes, curtains, linens and etc.

Thus, our combined efforts by transferring even small payments through QIWI terminals provided a lot of disabled people with employment opportunities and thus enabled them to get involved into society and slightly improve their life.

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"Build Your Business" in just six months
Views: 13 | 05-09-2016 | news

Энергосберегающие системы «ESCO»

"Build Your Business" in just six monthsЕще несколько лет назад будущий финалист конкурса «Построй свой бизнес» Самат Адилов мало что знал об электроэнергетике. Но проконсультировавшись с компетентными людьми и разглядев абсолютно свободную нишу на рынке, им была создана компания ESCO Energy. Преодолев недоверие, трудности с поиском новых клиентов им удалось буквально за два года твердо встать на ноги, завоевать свое место в отрасли энергосберегающих технологий, создать сборочное производство и свой собственный уникальный подход к каждому клиенту. Получив грант в конкурсе «Построй свой бизнес» Самат и команда ESCO Energy решительно настроены увеличивать масштабы бизнеса, развивать региональное присутствие и конкурировать с гигантами отрасли.

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Let children be healthy. Final part
Views: 15 | 02-09-2016 | Medical Project

Let children be healthy. Final part Medical equipment purchased by the "Saby" Foundation for Akmola Regional Hospital No.2, recently delivered by the supplier, and was installed in the maternity department. The employees of the medical establishment have already received training for operating the equipment and started to apply the vital devices in the practice of resuscitation.

According to the hospital management, "... modern medical equipment allows to provide qualified assistance to newborns from the first minutes of their lives, to detect and eliminate the states threatening the lives of young patients, to minimize the development of complications."

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"Build Your Business" in just six months
Views: 17 | 29-08-2016 | news


"Build Your Business" in just six months Алтынбек Аленов относительно недавно продолжил семейное дело по производству хлеба. В середине непростых девяностых годов, его отец создал небольшую пекарню в городе Капшагай. Это производство существует и по сей день. Значительную часть своей продукции пекарня поставляет в школы и детские сады Капшагая по ценам значительно ниже рыночных. О том, почему именно такую бизнес-модель использует частная пекарня, а также о том, какие изменения ждут производство после выигрыша гранта в конкурсе «Построй свой бизнес» рассказал нам руководитель проекта «Хлеб для каждого» Алтынбек Аленов.

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