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One More Alem Participant Will Visit America
Views: 717 | 19-06-2014 | Alem support of young talents

One More Alem Participant Will Visit America Two months ago we received an interesting resume from one of the applicants of Alem Young Talents Support Program Akhazhanov Ablaikhan. Gifted young man with great ambitions wants to change the world to the best and always strives for the achievement of stated goals.

Ablaikhan started his educational way from the physico-mathematical school. Having completed the school with honours, he entered the Almaty Energy Institute on the specialty Radiotechnics, Electronics and Telecommunications. Parallely Ablaikhan got the second higher education in the Moscow Energy Institute. He participated in many city and republican school academic competitions on physics and mathematics and won medal places.

Ablaikhan decided to dedicate his future to scientific work in the sphere of nanotechnologies. The beginning engineer managed to find proper laboratory in Almaty and to obtain the permit for experimental investigations of nanomaterials named graphene. To continue to do his hobby at more serious level Ablaikhan dreams to continue the education in UCLA California University, Los Angeles city.

Results of the Fourth Poetical Contest
Views: 713 | 12-06-2014 | Alem support of young talents

Results of the Fourth Poetical Contest Dear friends,

The Fourth poetical contest in the State language, annually announced by Saby Foundation, was terminated. The contest, opening creative capacities of young authors from the whole Kazakhstan, is traditionally held since January to May.

This year the main expert in the sphere of literature became Koshym-Nogai Baibota Serikbaiuly, famous poet for children, translator and a member of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan and Deputy chief editor of "Baldyrgan". He commented the works of the beginning word-painters in the following way: I am happy to see that our rising generation has a developed metaphoric language, logical sequence in the expression of details and feelings, as well as defined dialogue with readers.

Welcome Home, Kanat!
Views: 637 | 21-05-2014 | Alem support of young talents

Welcome Home, Kanat! How time does fly! It seems that only yesterday the possessor of Saby Foundation international grant on the Alem Young Talents Support Program Kanat Beisekeyev, having driven through the whole world, started his education in New York Cinema Academy specializing in Photography one year course. And now he came off the plane and returned to his native land.

Four seasons, within the frameworks of intensive training course, our Alem participant mastered the technique of photography in the best professional workshops of the world participating in all, even the most ambitious, projects of different styles such as: documental, classic, artistic and commercial.

Kanat also combined his study with work, accepting private orders from famous magazines, took photograph of look books, and prepared the series of reports about Kazakhstan people, who live in USA. The latter one induced active response among internet users, who learnt many interesting things about our former compatriots emigrating to America in search of a better life.

Alem United Us
Views: 809 | 27-03-2014 | Alem support of young talents

Kazakh National University...
KazNUGrad ...
Student life...

Recently these words were the sacred dream of young graduates of secondary schools. With a sinking heart young girls and boys waited for the results of their tests and insistently believed in miracles

And for good reason! Heavenly thoughts and steadfast faith is the guarantee of bright future. We are from the category of people who always aim to reach goals. One of the goals is to enter the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi. Saby Charitable Foundation assisted us with this question due to its Alem Young Talents Support Program. The foundation believed in our dream, in the chosen profession, for which we sincerely appreciate.

Take Part in the Poetical Contest!
Views: 721 | 26-02-2014 | Alem support of young talents

Take Part in the Poetical Contest! Annually the world celebrates the International Day of Native Language on the 21st of February. We decided that it is good idea to remind the young word-painters of our country about the fact that Children Poetical Contest in the state language, held by Saby Foundation for the fourth year, is continued.

This original contest created favorable conditions for the development of intellectual work, stretch of imagination and establishment of literate speech of Kazakhstan young people.


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