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The contest "Build your business - 2015-2016" is launched!
Views: 336 | 17-11-2015 | news

The annual contest "Build Your Business" is waiting for you. Read all the terms and place your applications on our website

Constitution Day!
Views: 339 | 28-08-2015 | news

Constitution Day! What a happiness, that we live in our peaceful and hospitable house!

For 20 years, our country has achieved great results from the day of adoption of the Constitution on all-peoples referendum, held on August 30, 1995.

Constitution is our history, guarantor of legitimacy, liberty, stability, great desire and ability to work for good of our native land!

Ever yours,
Saby Foundation

Saby Supports Business Projects
Views: 586 | 16-07-2015 | news

Saby Supports Business Projects The annual competition Build Your Own Business, organized by large entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan Kenes Rakishev and Vyacheslav Kim jointly with Saby Foundation, according to the initial idea is not limited only by issuance of grants for business development, by which it makes a real difference from analogous competitions.

Following the conception of young businesspersons active support, Saby Foundation cooperates with the winners of competition: involves them in its projects or organizes joint projects; distinguishes the amount of work, renders informational support, helping to establish and develop new business.

Our new partner became the possessor of one of the grand prizes project of car tyre grinding into rubber crumb. The project received the offer for installation of special injury prevention surface on sport and play grounds, which are constructed by our Foundation in Aktobe city within the Sport Project.

Rubber crumb received in the result of tyre recycling has a wide and perspective field of secondary use. In this case, the recyclable material is used in the production of rubberized rugs.

Congratulations with the International Childrens Day!
Views: 406 | 01-06-2015 | news

Congratulations with the International Childrens Day! International Childrens Day is a holiday awaited by kids with the same impatience as the New Year or Birthday. Parents arrange for their babies outdoor walks, fun events in the parks and squares, entertainment and treats.

Orphans and children from poor and socially vulnerable families do not remain without attention either. There are many wonderful events and activities with concerts, contests, entertaining games and gifts for them with the support of local governments, non-profit organizations and private sponsors. Each child should have memories of a happy childhood.

Through its activities, our Foundation also tries to make a contribution to the health and education of the future generation of our country: the major projects Saby are aimed at this.

We want all children to grow up healthy and happy, to learn only with full marks, to do things they love and in the future to become true professionals and worthy citizens of their country.

70 Years of the Great Victory
Views: 388 | 08-05-2015 | news

70 Years of the Great Victory May 9, 1945, the Victory Day of the Great Patriotic War, becomes more and more distant from us, the number of veterans who saw the awful war decreases from year to year. But the memory about heroes will remain in our hearts forever.

To lay flowers to the eternal light, to remember the heroic deed of grandfathers and great-grandfathers and to tell children about it is the sacred duty of descendants to the history and country.

Dear compatriots, we congratulate you with the Victory Day!
Wish all strong health and peaceful sky!


"Build your own business"

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