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“Build Your Business” Contest Is Over
Views: 577 | 27-02-2015 | news

“Build Your Business” Contest Is OverThe results of “Build Your Business” Contest, so much expected by both participants and observers, were announced on February 27 in the business hall of “Dostyk” hotel.

The grand prize in the amount of 100, 000 US dollars has been divided between the projects: «Processing of tires into roof material» and ''KASSENGALY HANDMADE'' . Being experienced businessmen, the sponsors of the competition Kenes Rakishev and Vyacheslav Kim explained this decision by the fact that “any business at every stage of its existence shall receive adequate financing, otherwise the crisis of overproduction will lead to its failure”. Financial influence in 50, 000 US dollars is the sum which these enterprises need for the development. One more decision has been taken by the sponsors the day before the declaration of results: to increase the quantity of grants by 20, 000 US dollars. Therefore, 7 participants, but not 5 ones as expected, received this sum.

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"Build Your Own Business" Competition. Short list
Views: 512 | 09-02-2015 | news

The short list of challengers for medal places of "Build Your Own Business" has been appointed.

20 applications entered into the list
1. Experimentarium — проект развития промдизайна
2. Производство в РК спорт оборудования CrossFit и Street WorkOut, тренажеров для дома и реабилитационных центров
3. Переработки шин в крошку
4. Экопакеты LifeBag
5. Актуальное решение утилизации медицинских отходов
6. Анимационный сериал "Балалар"
7. Класс образовательной робототехники - Учебный центр Нур Академия
8. Самоучитель казахского языка "YerkemaY"
10. EvitaComplex
11. Социальная гостиница («Сопровождаемое проживание»)
12. Glucoways
13. DonorBlood
14. Школа футбола "АРМАН"
16. Zero to One Labs
17. Almaty Biogas
18. «Производство утеплителя из овечьей шерсти «KIIZ»
19. CUDAbot: мобильный робот
20. Социально-Медицинский проект "Medwatch"

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The Chance to Build Your Own Business Is Still Available
Views: 278 | 13-01-2015 | news

The order taking for participation in the contest “Build Your Business” comes to the end. 2 weeks left till the definition of the list of semifinalists.

Oxana Yermasheva, the Vice President of Saby Foundation, tells about the contest and plans for the future.

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Happy New 2015!
Views: 370 | 29-12-2014 | news

Happy New 2015! The time to welcome in New Year has come. The smell of sweet mandarin oranges, shine of golden spangles, pre-holiday fuss and cares. All people try to make this holiday hearty and unforgettable for their friends.
‘Saby’ Charitable Foundation cordially congratulates all Kazakhstan people with Happy New Year ! We wish you health, success, joy and prosperity. Let all your dearest dreams wished on New-Year’s Eve come true!

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Independence Day
Views: 361 | 15-12-2014 | news

Independence Day

One of the most important state holidays of Kazakhstan is coming. The warmest congratulations are heard from all regions of our country and abroad. Notwithstanding the young age our republic has achieved considerable successes and won solid respect among other countries of the world.

We congratulate our compatriots with the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan! Let our common home prosper and let peace and harmony prevail there. Let us be friendly and united, because “unity is the root and core of our national identity” (N. Nazarbayev)

Yours ever
Saby Foundation

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