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It is easy to HELP!
Views: 711 | 08-08-2011 | news

It is easy to HELP! Many of us, while watching TV or reading newspaper notes about the disadvantaged, miserable and seriously ill people, especially children, are sincerely ready to help them and to take part in their further life. But we all are very busy and sometimes have no time to go to the Bank or the Editors Office to convey charitable assistance to the needy. But, unfortunately, all our good intentы are remained without being done.

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Happy New Year!
Views: 298 | 30-12-2010 | news

Happy New Year! Dear Friends!

The “Saby” Charitable Foundation congratulates you on the coming New Year!

We wish the coming year was successful not only in making good changes in your life, but brought you good luck in all your undertakings.

We also wish your best friends and reliable partners were always nearby to you; and only comfortable and warm environment was around you and your relatives!

We sincerely wish you good health, happiness and love!

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Congratulate you on the Independence Day of Kazakhstan!
Views: 350 | 15-12-2010 | news

Congratulate you on the Independence Day of Kazakhstan! Dear Friends!
From the bottom of our hearts we would like to congratulate you on the Independence Day of Kazakhstan!

The Constitutional Law “On the State Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan” was passed on December 16, 1991. The new history of our country started from that day.

Let this holiday brings you happiness and welfare! We wish you success and luck, to be healthy and wealthy, to live in peace and prosperity this day!

Welfare Fund “Saby”.

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Tutors are going to help children study better
Views: 761 | 06-12-2010 | news, Educational project

Tutors are going to help children study better At the beginning of this month the “Saby” Charitable Foundation started a 6-months programme of lessons for senior high school students of orphanages within the framework of its Educational Project. The lessons are held in the tutorial center so that pupils could improve their knowledge in basic subjects and increase their results when passing the unified national testing.

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Say Thanks on Thanksgiving Day
Views: 829 | 29-11-2010 | news

Yesterday we had Thanksgiving Day celebrated in all our Orphan Homes. This day we usually invite all our friends, philanthropists and sponsors who during the whole year provided their charity support to those children living in orphan homes to celebrate Thanksgiving Day together with them.

To say thanks and express their deep gratitude to all the guests, our children had prepared a number of wonderful performances and plays, presented their hand-made gifts and cooked various delicacies.

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