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Report of Give Life to Children Campaign
Views: 908 | 28-06-2013 | Save the childrens life

Report of Give Life to Children Campaign
We publish the regular report of Give Life to Children joint campaign of DOM and Saby Foundations, within the framework of which our citizens render assistance during 6 years to Kazakhstan children, who need treatment abroad, by means of sending from their mobile telephones, Beeline or Kcell, SMS with figure 1 to 8099 number transferring 280 KZT to the special account.

Thanks to the activity of a great number of people 406 children from all regions of our country have received assistance. 497 surgical interferences have been paid up (some children were operated more than once). The total amount of receipts during the campaign realization constituted 2.990.365 USD (as of June, 2013).

Thank you all for your kindness and participation!

Give Life To Children!
Views: 785 | 27-02-2013 | Save the childrens life

Give Life To Children! Fund raising for foreign treatment of Kazakhstan children, who suffer from diseases which are untreatable in Kazakhstan, continues.

Give Life To Children joint campaign of DOM Foundation and Saby Foundation was started in 2007 and is not limited in time.

During this period by means of SMS 2,642,616 USD have been raised, 376 children have secured assistance.

From year to year the situation in the sphere of health care in our country works out for the best. Issuance of state quotas has become more effective and transparent. Many diseases, which formerly required applying for foreign clinics, now, are successfully treated in our country.

Healthy Children Happy Parents
Views: 1572 | 14-11-2012 | Save the childrens life

Healthy Children  Happy Parents  Probably, many people know the feeling when working week starting only on Monday morning ends already by Friday evening. Time is so fast that sometimes when trying to catch it we lose sight of simple things but at the same moment such important things and ordinary miracle is left unnoticed.

One sweeping day a woman with her wonderful daughter sat in a crowded bus.The little girls cheerful babbling and rolling laughter brightened all around; passengers melted by her sagacity and smartness. The little girls face seemed to be very familiar and her smile was remembered quickly. It was Dilnaz. Recently the articles about the little girl, her parents and how the family got to know about their single daughters disease, and the most important thing, about the victory over disease thanks to several successful surgical operations financed from the special account, which accumulates the contributions of philanthropists, were published on the site of DOM Foundation (, a partner of Saby Charitable Foundation with Give Life to Children Campaign. Now Dilnaz fells well, her parents are joyful of her achievements, all sufferings were left behind as a frightening dream.

Let Every Child Be Healthy
Views: 839 | 01-06-2012 | Save the childrens life

Let Every Child Be Healthy Saby Foundation wishes the little citizens of our country Happy International Children's Day!

Although June 1 is not a day-off, its widely celebrated in Kazakhstan by arranging festivals and fundraising campaigns.

The SMS Project Give Life to Children, implemented by Saby Foundation in cooperation with Voluntary Charity Society, has been giving aid for over five years to the children with serious illnesses who do not have any possibility to get a surgical treatment within our country. Thanks to the efforts of thousands of people, the fundraising campaign gained 2.29 million dollars, and nearly four hundred operations of 357 children from all the regions of our Republic were performed.

It Is Been Five Years We Give Life to Children
Views: 812 | 02-03-2012 | Save the childrens life

It Is Been Five Years We Give Life to Children Five years ago exactly, in February 2007, the Campaign "Give Life to Children" was launched jointly by the Dom Foundation and the Saby Charitable Foundation.

Today, having passed a five-year milestone and summing it up, we may state that the arrangement of this Campaign was a logical step in the development of the Kazakh society. A great number of children requiring urgent surgical treatment abroad, and insufficient state quotas allocated for this purpose, especially in the field of cardiac surgery and oncology, became a starting point at that time. And proposed method of providing charitable assistance through short messages gave an opportunity for almost every citizen of Kazakhstan to participate in saving the children's lives. Over these years the amount remitted to a special account amounted to more than $2 million. 345 children from all the regions of Kazakhstan have received assistance in the medical treatment.


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