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Invataxi For Veterans
Views: 390 | 12-05-2014 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

Invataxi For Veterans Five years have passed since the moment when Saby Foundation solemnly presented keys from the initial batch of special Volkswagen cars, equipped with hydraulic ram, to the society of disabled people in Almaty city for creation of free social transport service for transportation of wheelchair persons. The alterations occurred since then only gladden: our cars drive already in 20 cities of Kazakhstan, facilitating lives of people with disabilities.

It is gladly to mention, especially on these victorious May days, that invataxi uses not only for transportation of disabled people. In some cities of our country, thanks to the local budget financing of transport services, veterans of the Great Patriotic War can call a cab. Guided tours to the festive events were organized for veterans with especial consideration on the 9th of May.

Years are passing and, unfortunately, the number of veterans is decreasing. We are happy that our cars bring a little joy to their life.

The State Will Support Invataxi
Views: 892 | 29-01-2014 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

The Decent Life for Disabled People Project was developed by Saby Foundation in 2008. Within its framework our Foundation purchased cars, equipped with especially hydraulic lifting mechanisms for quick and safe lifting and descending of wheelchair persons. These cars were donated to the Societies of Disabled People of Kazakhstan cities, which rendered free transport services for people with disabilities.

To the present day 62 specialized Invataxi cars of Volkswagen mark were purchased, which were distributed in 20 cities of the country. The expenses of Saby Foundation on the Project constituted more than 400 million tenge. Notwithstanding the colossal financial and labour expenses, it is impossible to satisfy the requirements of all Kazakhstan people who have problems with transportation by the efforts of one private Foundation. Saby Foundation does not make it aim. The resolution of the problem of such scale character is the prerogative of the state. The main task of the Foundation is to show to authorities of all cities that to organize specialized Invataxi transportation services is possible and that they can work successfully rendering services for target group of people, with problems of which they are acquainted not by hearsay.

Invataxi Life without Obstacles
Views: 870 | 30-09-2013 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

Invataxi  Life without Obstacles On Saturday, September 28, the transfer of 10 new Volkswagen cars, as the gift for society of disabled people from 5 cities of Kazakhstan, was held by Saby Charitable Foundation. In such a way, free Invataxi transport services for physically challenged people are functioned in 20 cities of our country already, practically everywhere. The number of special cars, purchased and gifted to all regions by the Foundation, equipped with hydraulic lifting machines for wheelchairs, has achieved 62.

In Expectation of Invataxi
Views: 746 | 25-07-2013 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

In Expectation of Invataxi We want to inform you that the part of invataxi cars, purchased by Saby Foundation within the framework of Decent Life for Disabled People project, have been delivered in Almaty. It is 5 out of 10 new Volkswagen cars, which have been equipped taking into account people needs, who use wheelchairs.

Usually, it is necessary to expect each lot of cars, supplied from factory of Germany, during 6 months. This delivery turned out to be a little faster. Presently, cars are on customs clearance and pre-sales preparation.

Even Impossible Problems Can Be Solved
Views: 736 | 10-07-2013 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

Even Impossible Problems Can Be Solved A staircase is an insuperable obstacle for a human being who has to move around in a wheelchair if there is nobody near the elevator, ramp or no physically fit accompanying person to help.

And though modern regulatory documents stipulate arrangement of elevators for wheelchair-dependent people in multi-storey buildings, in fact, they are limited to useless ramps which are raised only up to the first floor.

Practically, the only one alternative here is mobile special purpose elevators which ensure safe travel of wheelchair-dependent people up and down the staircase. But a big disadvantage of such step climbing devices is their high price - around US$ 8,000 per unit, which is, of course, too expensive for the majority of physically challenged people.


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