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"DIADIA DIATEL", SIX MONTHS AFTER THE FINALThe Kazakhstan toy market for children is filled with an abundance of various forms and options, but few think about their safety. The finalists of the contest "Build Your Own Business" - the Vavilovs sisters Diana and Tatyana after the birth of children decided to organize the project "Diadia Diatel", with the goal of producing wooden toys and furniture of domestic production, in the creation of which only ecological clean materials would be used. Diana and Tatyana told our site about how the project evolved.

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AQUAPOINT, SIX MONTHS LATER AFTER THE FINALAvailability of clean drinking water in public spaces, social objects and educational institutions is an important element in creation of the healthy nation. Young graduates of the British HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS Galym Baytimbetov and Aizhan Esekina asked the question in England. Directly upon return to Kazakhstan they were engaged in creation of drinking fountains. Just a few months the first device was created. In March of this year having become one of winners of the competition "Build Your Own Business" the AquaPoint project got financial support thanks to which production of drinking fountains in Kazakhstan shall rise on a flow.

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QAZAQ STUDY, SIX MONTHS LATER AFTER THE FINALQazaqStudy project appeared thanks to successful adaptation of the Canadian experience in Kazakhstan. The founder of the project Konstantin Orlov having seen sharp need of the population in the Kazakh language study I began to study that the market offers, what methodology are used in teaching, what structure of lessons. By good fortune he managed to find the new interesting language teaching methodology developed by the Canadians learning the Kazakh language. About a year ago having adapted a methodology under requests of the market the first center of Qazaq Study on the Kazakh language study was launched, six months later the Qazaq Study project became the finalist of the competition "Build Your Own Business" . Thanks to the received grant, authors of the project began work on creation of the online platform for the Kazakh language study which in the future will allow to cover the whole Kazakhstan and to provide the most advanced teaching methods without leaving home.

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BALALAROOM, SIX MONTHS LATER AFTER THE FINALWe begin a series of publications about finalists of the competition "Build Your Own Business" of 2017. The first finalist, which we shall discuss below, is Sergey Teyfel, the founder of the Balalaroom project on production of board games for children and adults. Sergey have formed the idea of such business just recently, however, in just one year he was able not only to make the first production, but also to win a grant in our competition, to create own shop and to open club of family rest "Balalaroom". Read more about it in our material.

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Aid to Chingiz
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Aid to Chingiz The charity Found “Saby” recently allocated funds in the amount of 400 000 tenge for Zhumartov Chingiz, who suffers from infantile cerebral paralysis. The financial aid is directed to the course of complex rehabilitation in the clinic of Dr. Fu located in the city of Astana.

Chingiz was born on September 26, 2011, which was much prematurely. Immediately after his birth the child was brought to neonatal resuscitation department; 2 cerebral hemorrhages, no lung opening, as well as vast hematomas gave rise to assigning a degree of disability already in the first year of life. At the moment Chingiz cannot move without assistance, chew and hold toys in his hands, but despite this he has no convulsions and no contraindications to rehabilitation exercises.

We strongly hope that the course of treatment will have a beneficial effect on the health of Chingiz and believe that he will come into his own soon.

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