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The First Sport Object in 2016
Views: 352 | 25-02-2016 | Sport-Health-Achievement

The Sport Project of Saby Foundation, constantly operating since 2002, will be marked by new objects this year. Several playgrounds will be built in social and educational institutions of Almaty, Petropavlovsk and Aktobe.

The first one will become an injury free playground for fosterlings of the Center of Adaptation for Minors of the North Kazakhstan region (Petropavlovsk city), the construction works have been already started.

Carousels, climbing equipment, slides, ropes and sport equipment will be installed on a special rubber coating, which protects from accidental fall. The object working area is 144 m2, the opening is expected on May holidays.

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Playground Built in Aktobe
Views: 374 | 16-09-2015 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Playground Built in Aktobe Construction of playground in Aktobe Regional Youth House within the framework of the “Sport Project” of Saby Foundation was completed.

This object became the second one in Aktobe and the thirty-second one in Kazakhstan! Thus, our Foundation makes its contribution to support health of the younger generation.

Multifunctional playground for volleyball, football, basketball with perimeter fence and lighting, injure safe rubbered cover, professional marking and equipment became the perfect present for fosterlings of the Youth House.

We expect new sport achievements and wins of our children!

Photos here.

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Ready Playground by the Start of the New School Year!
Views: 298 | 01-09-2015 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Ready Playground by the Start of the New School Year! The fosterlings of Aktobe Special School No 7 received a wonderful present by the 1st of September made by our Foundation: children playground has been put in commission!

Playground of 525 sqm in area includes diversified equipment. There are slide, swings and roundabouts, climbing passages and big gymnastic set with horizontal bars, ropes, walls for climbing which are designed taking into account different extent of physical activity.

After action games and intensive classes children can rest on garden seats and settees or they just can sit or lie on special injury-safe soft, comfort, rubbered carpet, by which the whole playground is covered.

As we previously mentioned, it is the 31st object in the “service record” of the Sport Project of “Saby” Foundation.

Phoros here.

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Sport Project in Aktobe
Views: 709 | 08-07-2015 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Sport Project in Aktobe As the main attention of Saby Foundation paid to Aktobe city, it was decided to build the multifunctional playground for football, volleyball, basketball and court tennis in this city too, precisely in Aktobe regional Youth House.

Primarily, this decision is based on the fact that just for the fosterlings of this institution we started building of Societal Residence Hall, because the Youth House is overoccupied. New sport objects are planned in the newly built youth camp. But children, who stayed in the old building, shall receive the possibility to engage in sport activities in full.

Moreover, they proved their adherence to a healthy life: dozens of candidate masters, who have numerous wins in different team championships, have been grown up here.

The playground will be built within the framework of “Sport Project” of Saby Foundation.

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The 31st Sport Object Will Be Built in Aktobe
Views: 648 | 25-06-2015 | Sport-Health-Achievement

The 31st Sport Object Will Be Built in Aktobe Saby Charitable Foundation performs active work in the west region. Recently the project of building of societal residence hall for the foster home leavers started in Aktobe city.

Installation of children playground for fosterlings of Aktobe specialized correctional school No7. has been planned for the period from July to August. The object will be constructed within the framework of “Sport Project” and will become the 31st one in the history of the project.

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