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The street named after Zhumakhan Kuderin
Views: 739 | 23-06-2015 | The streets of southern capital

The street named after Zhumakhan Kuderin Many of us have heard about the street named after Zhumakhan Kuderin existing in the Southern Capital, but not everyone knows its exact location, as it is a continuation of Rozybakiev street from Raiymbek Avenue to Ryskulov Avenue and it has a length of only 1.5 km.

Kuderin Zhumakhan Mausumbayevich (1891(or 1893)-1938) is an educator, polymath, geographer, anthropologist and biologist.

Zhumakhan was born in Sredneayaguzskaya volost of Semirechye, in the family of bai (rich landowner).The clan of Kuderin was an ancient and respected one in Semirechye (Seven Rivers). Cooderi (kүder) is the name of area by the name of his grandfather Zhumakhan which means in Kazakh suede, soft leather.

Street named after Zein Shashkin
Views: 686 | 16-02-2015 | The streets of southern capital

Street named after Zein Shashkin There is a small street in Almaty about 1 km long, located to the east of the Esentai river, begins from the Timiryazev street (link to an article about Timiryazev street) and crosses just 2 streets - Popov and Al-Farabi. It is named after the Kazakh Soviet writer, playwright, doctor, scientist - Zein Shashkin.

Zein Shashkin (1912 - 1966 yrs.) - A man with a difficult life like many of his contemporaries. During his lifetime he was called the "Kazakh Chekhov": he had medical education and as a Practicing Physician he graduated from the Moscow Institute of History, Philosophy and Literature, and continued "medical" line in the literature after Chekhov, Veresaev, Bulgakov, Conan Doyle.
He was secretary of the Komsomol City Committee of Karaganda, a teacher at the teachers colleges in Semipalatinsk and Alma-Ata.

His first works were in the 30s, a literary work "Features the poetry of Abai" (1934) was the most notable, and a few years in collaboration with E. Ismailov Z. Shashkin made "The educational book on theory of literature" for colleges. Then, a streak of bad luck started in the life of a young writer he was run over with an asphalt compactor of repressions. Harsh destiny of the member of intellectuals branded as "an enemy of the people" coincides with just the early years. Then he ruined his health and, although he survived into rehabilitation and subsequently did much, but passed away at the peak of his career at the age of 54.

The Street Named after Timiryazev
Views: 902 | 15-10-2014 | The streets of southern capital

The Street Named after Timiryazev Timiryazev street was formed in 60-70s in Almaty, is situated in Bostandikskyi District, runs from East to West, from Zheltoksan street to Zhandosov street, crosses Baytursynov street, Auezov, Zharokov, Gagarin Avenue, Radostovsta (old name Maurice Thorez) and Rozybakiyev street.

Kliment Arkadiyevich Timiryazev(1843 1920)

The street is named in honor of the Russian Natural scientist, the founder of the Soviet school of Phytophysiology, the modern Photosynthesis theory of Timiryazev Kliment. The main botanical garden of Institute of Botany of the Kazakhstan Academy of Science, which gives it a unique appearance situated in it.

Street Named After Bassenov
Views: 736 | 23-07-2014 | The streets of southern capital

Street Named After Bassenov One of Almaty streets was named after Toleu Kulchamanovich Bassenov. The street is situated to the south of Timiryazev street and to the west of Zharokov street.

Bassenov Toleu Kulchamanovich (1909-1976)

The first Kazakh professional architect, honored builder of the Kazakh SSR, associate member of the Architecture Academy of USSR, one of the first scientist-pedagogues in the field of architecture, the founder of the Kazakh Architectural School, the first chairman of the Association of Architects of Kazakhstan. Bassenov was the initiator of the first Architectural Faculty foundation in the republic.

He was born in Shalkar district of Aktobe region. Bassenov graduated the Leningrad Institute of Civil Engineers and started his labor activity in the Construction Department of the Council of Peoples Commissars of the Kazakh SSR.

Street Named after S. Luganski
Views: 745 | 06-06-2014 | The streets of southern capital

Street Named after S. Luganski One of Almaty streets, situated on the westward from Dostyk avenue, was named after Sergey Danilovich Luganskiy

Sergey Danilovich Luganskiy (19181977)

The squadron commander of the 270th fighter air regiment (the 203rd fighter aviation division, the 1st assault aviation corps, the 5th air army, Steppe Front), doubly the Hero of the Soviet Union.

Sergey Luganskiy was born on the 1st of October, 1918 in a rural family in Verniy city.

In1936 he finished junior high school and worked as a gardener. In the same year Sergey was called to the Red Army and was directed by the komsomol ticket to the Orenburg Military Academy of Aviators, after the completion of which in 1938 he did military service in the 14th aviation brigade in Pskov.


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