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Youth Project Is Three Years Already
Views: 455 | 26-06-2014 | Youth Project

Youth Project Is Three Years Already Three years ago our charitable foundation covered the question of the trilateral agreement conclusion between Saby, Zhilstroysberbank JSC and the first participants of the Youth pilot project.

To the present day we are quite pleased with the results: four participants have become the possessors of their own flats, moreover, three of them received the flats according to the pool of Zhilstoysberbank in a house under construction in one of the new districts of Almaty city. In the nearest future the house is put in commission and the succession of housewarmings will not keep waiting.

One of the participants acquired ready flat and invited us to share with her joy. We accepted the invitation with pleasure and visited the happy possessor of precious meters. We mentioned that the young landlady furnished her house tastefully attaching to it homelike lived-in-look. Web link of the photo.

Very soon other participants will join the final straight on the way to their sacred dream own roof over their heads.

Youth Project The First New Home!
Views: 595 | 09-04-2014 | Youth Project

Youth Project  The First New Home! We would like to share with you by excellent news the first participant of Youth pilot project celebrated her first housewarming! At the end of March the former foster-daughter of one of Almaty boarding schools became the possessor of a two-room flat in new building.

Such event became possible thanks to the conditions of the project developed by our Foundation, within the frameworks of which, agreements about housing construction savings between graduates of boarding schools, Saby Foundation and Zhilstroysberbank of Kazakhstan JSC are concluded. The foundation in the quality of a charitable assistance make the first payment to the Bank in the amount of 50% of the cost of one-room flat, then the graduates of boarding schools make savings individually during 3 years. Depending on the final amount they choose flat and on the lacking amount they make loans in the bank. The size of a loan is not large and is discharged without especial difficulties.

With Youth Project into Your Own Home
Views: 878 | 05-02-2014 | Youth Project

With Youth Project into Your Own Home Affordable Housing-2020 Scale State Program of House Construction started in Kazakhstan in 2012. One of the operators of its realization was Zhilstroysberbank Kazakhstan JSC, which is the partner of Saby Foundation on Youth Project started in 2011 for graduates from boarding schools of Almaty city.

Housing program became a perfect possibility for young people of the project, being the depositors of the bank and having 50 % from the cost of one-roomed flat on their accounts, which Saby Foundation transferred as an initial installment, they have the right to participate in pools of housing distribution in building houses of Alatau district of Almaty city.

Square Metres Are Nearer and Nearer
Views: 736 | 14-08-2013 | Youth Project

Square Metres Are Nearer and Nearer Good news: some our guys from the "Youth" Project, being depositors of "Zhilstroisberbank Kazakhstan" JSC, applied for participation in the pool for allotment of flats in the new perspective district of Almaty and found themselves among the 90 lucky men who was given a unique opportunity to become owners of precious square metres "finally finished" in the next year already.

Owing to high marks gained in the "pursuit for flats", two former inmates at a children's home managed to bypass more than 220 applicants. Naturally, such luck would not be real if it were not for support of our Fund; as the initial contribution in the amount of 20 000 USD that Saby made for the deposit account of every recipient increased their chances of victory and brought the guys nearer to the long-desired dream.

New Life Keys
Views: 791 | 22-05-2013 | Youth Project

New Life Keys In Kazakhstan, according to the statistics, the quantity of school leavers, who graduated boarding schools and need dwelling, comprises approximately 12 thousands. The majority of children are from Almaty, where the cost of square meters makes the dream about their own house unrealizable. There are a great number of cases when young people, having left boarding schools, are stayed in the street. Orphans, trying to escape from long-term solitude, early settle down to married life and bear children, but without dwelling they often lose tutorship of their own children giving rise to the repeated cycle of orphanage.

Saby Charitable Foundation starting Youth Pilot Project, developed special effective scheme which allows children to get long-expected flats on a preferential basis. Certainly, it is impossible to solve the problem of state scale, but to give chance of happy life to several children at least - is a good action already.


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