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Report on the Save Childrens Life Action as of September 15, 2011
Views: 738 | 16-09-2011 | Save the childrens life

Report on the Save Childrens Life Action as of September 15, 2011 The partnership relations of the Saby Charitable Foundations with the Voluntary Charity Society under the permanent action Save Childrens Life is continuing.

As of September 15, 2011, 327 children from all regions of Kazakhstan received assistance at the cost of money transferred by citizens of the country. The total amount paid fro surgical operations was 1,968,299 USD. You can review a report of money application at, as complete transparency is the main principle of the Action.

Only one touch makes the world better!
Views: 704 | 14-09-2011 | news

Only one touch makes the world better! Dear friends!

Only two months ago we informed you about the system startup owing to which it is very easy to make charitable contributions for benefit of needy people by pay terminal Qiwi. And now we are very glad to let you know that our Foundation deserves a confidence of many people: daily Foundation Saby receives money on its bank account. And even if the contributions are at times small, we appreciate every tyin transferred by you and, please believe, we use it for necessary and important purposes. And at the end of year we shall without fail report back to you in detail.

A brand new laptop goes to the participant of Alem Program
Views: 729 | 08-09-2011 | Alem support of young talents

A brand new laptop goes to the participant of Alem Program Along with numerous applications from Alem Program potential participants we receive from different regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, there is also a great number of CVs from those children who are seriously engaged in composing poems. About the high esteem given to young poets by Sultan Kali, the expert in the domain of literature, we have already written on the pages of our web-site.

Soltanov Beknur a talented boy of sixteen year old from Semey whose poems are being published both in local newspapers and journals

Healthy Children Happy Families!
Views: 754 | 01-09-2011 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Healthy Children  Happy Families! "The House of Hope" in Almaty is a unique Social State Institution. The House accommodates both newborn and children under the age of seven (7) years old, generally from dysfunctional families the majority of which are represented by lone parents who are almost ready to abandon from their parental rights because of various circumstances: financial instability, disease, age, etc. To give these parents ones more to think on their future steps, to get on their feet and find a job - the House of Hope temporally accommodates and educates their children for the purposes of future reunion with their parents.


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