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The Finalists in the Beat of ‘Action’
Views: 729 | 06-06-2012 | Alem – support of young talents

The Finalists in the Beat of ‘Action’ Great Alfred Hitchcock used to say: “There are three things for shooting a good film: a script, a script and again a script!”. As if continuing the thought of the genius, the Movie Script Contest, which gives the opportunity to our compatriots, and not only to them, to internationally reveal their talent, has been held for the third year in the frame of the International Movie Festival.

In Kazakhstan such a serious contest is held with the support of the Akimat of Astana and the Alem Program of Saby Charitable Foundation.

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Let Every Child Be Healthy
Views: 810 | 01-06-2012 | Save the children’s life

Let Every Child Be Healthy Saby Foundation wishes the little citizens of our country Happy International Children's Day!

Although June 1 is not a day-off, it’s widely celebrated in Kazakhstan by arranging festivals and fundraising campaigns.

The SMS Project “Give Life to Children”, implemented by Saby Foundation in cooperation with Voluntary Charity Society, has been giving aid for over five years to the children with serious illnesses who do not have any possibility to get a surgical treatment within our country. Thanks to the efforts of thousands of people, the fundraising campaign gained 2.29 million dollars, and nearly four hundred operations of 357 children from all the regions of our Republic were performed.

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