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Game as a Means to Fight an Ailment
Views: 756 | 11-10-2012 | Medical Project

Game as a Means to Fight an Ailment  Saby Charitable Foundation has been carrying on activity under its Medical Project for 10 years already, which is one of the first and long-term projects. From 2002, when the project was launched, much has changed in our country. Budget financing of the medical industry has significantly increased, state programs covering all spheres of health care have been developed. But the role of private sector capital, including charitable organizations, should not be underestimated. Foundations of high mobility can be involved to solve a definite problem, when a prompt response, hard to be fulfilled in conditions of public procurement, is required.

Within the frame of the Medical Project, Saby Foundation, among other objectives, renders assistance to medical and preventive treatment institutions to improve hospital conditions for patients, first of all, for children. To facilitate the stay of children in hospitals during a period of treatment and rehabilitation, game rooms are equipped especially for them.

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CNT: Make Provision for a Rainy Day but in Good Time
Views: 481 | 03-10-2012 | Educational project

CNT: Make Provision for a Rainy Day but in Good Time CNT (Common National Testing). This is the word children threatened with almost from the elementary school being encouraged to prepare for the first and serious examination in their life. Parents make maximum efforts to create for their children all conditions for preparation, starting from private classes with teachers till special extra courses. And what if there are no parents? Who will help a foster child from a social institution to understand all peculiarities of the test and to successfully pass this milestone?

Within the frame of the Education Project, Saby Charitable Foundation has been cooperating for three years already with one of the leading centers in Almaty for the preparation of school leavers to the CNT. Children from the sponsored boarding schools are financed by the Foundation to attend courses three times a week from October till May.

We were pleased with the results of previous periods: the pupils who passed the program were able to get good grades in the testing and many of them entered universities under state grants. No wonder that the number of those wishing to attend extra classes has increased this year.

The CNT is certainly a stress for any pupil but systematic preparation for it will give confidence at the critical moment and will become a guarantee for successful study in the following years.

And we will learn the indicator of our work next June when we see the evaluation of our eight-month work in the number of grades got by pupils.

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