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Poetical Contest – Acceptance of Application Forms Is Completed
Views: 578 | 13-05-2013 | Alem – support of young talents

Poetical Contest – Acceptance of Application Forms Is Completed Acceptance of application forms for the participation in the Third Poetical Contest in the state language of Alem Program is completed. We would like to mention that young talents were very active and sent to the address of referee a great number of letters with their works.

At the present time the selection of works, which will be admitted to the final, is started. On 1st of June the names of laureates will become known. The main expert of the competition, famous poet and writer Sultan Kali will express his opinion about the best participants and will give valuable advice to young talents on the pages of our website.

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Our Congratulations with Victory Day!
Views: 361 | 08-05-2013 | news

Our Congratulations with Victory Day! Great Victory Day! The whole world has been celebrating this sacred holiday with especial awe and heartiness for 68 years already. The heroic deed of our grand fathers, who courageously fought for our country and life of future generations, will remain in hearts of descendants forever.

Tears of sorrow and joy on people’ faces who come to pay tribute to the memory of perished and to lay flowers to the Eternal light.

Dear veterans we express our profound respect and obeisance to you. We will not forget…

Our congratulations with Victory Day! We wish you strong health, longevity, peace and harmony!

Sincerely yours, Saby Foundation

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About Kulyash, the Favorite of Kazakh People
Views: 733 | 06-05-2013 | History of success

About Kulyash, the Favorite of Kazakh People Today we remember the great Kazakh singer, lustrous person and the first Kazakh woman, who was awarded by a proud title of People’s Artist of the USSR, Kulyash Baiseitova (1912-1957). Delighted audience carried her in their own arms after every performance. First Kazakh opera ‘Kyz Zhybek’, written by Eugene Brusilovskiy, was created just for Kulyash.

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Achieve Success with Us!
Views: 584 | 03-05-2013 | Alem – support of young talents

Achieve Success with Us! Employees of [b]Saby Charitable Foundation continue their search of young and talented people in all regions of Kazakhstan with the aim to give a helping hand, when they need it so much, expecting university entrance. Within the framework of Alem Program talented young people are awarded with grants of the Foundation for education in the best educational institutions of the country as well as near and far abroad.

But the present is not simple; having studied and gained prestigious diploma young people should do their duty working for the benefit of people and our country.

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