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30 – 20 – 10!
Views: 683 | 04-07-2013 | Sport-Health-Achievement

30 – 20 – 10! One month hardly had passed when Saby Foundation reported about the completion of sports ground construction in Boarding School No. 8, Semei city. The foster children of Boarding school No. 4 for deaf children of this eastern city received analogical present.

Sport and health are inseparable, this is an invariable truth, that is why, what is gladdened especially is the fact that children with health problems not only refuse from trainings but have significant successes in playing sport games. We noticed that the main love of young Semei residents is football. Competitions between teams from different social institutions are held in the territory of boarding school. Young football players gathered from the whole city to demonstrate their skills.

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Omyrzak Shynar
Views: 179 | 03-07-2013 | Grateful Letters

Omyrzak Shynar

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One More Alem Participant Is in New York
Views: 566 | 01-07-2013 | Alem – support of young talents

One More Alem Participant Is in New York In the present-day world we are surrounded by billboards, advertising handbills, posters, different leaflets, brochures. Millions of pictures in thousands magazines express different information. We analyze the observed information, evaluate quality, but scarcely think about who creates these images. Everything is started from one slapshot of a photo camera. We could never see many objects and events if a photographer did not take a picture.

The non-initiated think that the profession of a photographer is one of some professions, which it is not necessary to study and the main thing is a good photo camera and observant eye. But viewing the works of professionals and comparing them with nonprofessional works in the first case you get a far greater esthetic pleasure, undoubtedly.

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