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5 Alem Program Participants Will Study in Israel
Views: 313 | 08-08-2016 | Alem support of young talents

5 Alem Program Participants Will Study in Israel Saby Charitable Foundation within the framework of the Alem Young Talents Support Program has allocated educational grants to the best five school-leavers of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Almaty city for education in Efi Arazi School of Computer Science, the bachelor degree in the field of computer science of Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya, Israel.

It is difficult to enter this school: the applicants passed serious multistage selection. As the result, Madina Kashaganova, Aruay Berdikulova, Zhandos Bulatov, Diana Zheksenbekova and Alexey Semenov are among the first students, who will start their education in early September, the duration 3 years.

IDC Herzliya one of the most prestigious educational institutions of Israel and is famous for its unique methods and teaching methods of information technologies at a high international level, it graduates highly professional IT specialists.

Saby Foundation admits the expenses for education, flight to the point of destination and back, travel, accommodation, feeding, medical insurance, visa fee, contributions in the student union for the whole period of education of the Famous 5.

Simple commandments of Janusz Korczak
Views: 388 | 03-08-2016 | Wisdom of the Great

Simple commandments of Janusz Korczak Janusz Korczak (Janusz Korczak; autonym Hersh Henryk Goldszmit; 22 July 1878 , Warsaw 6 August 1942, Treblinka).

Poland gave to the world Janusz Korczak the talented educator, writer and medical doctor.
This man lived in accordance with his pedagogical principles and died without breaking them although the fate gave him three times a chance for salvation.

First, Korczak did not leave the territory of Poland on the eve of the country's occupation by Nazi troops, unwilling to turn adrift the inmates of the "House of orphans." In 1940 Korczak with the children of foster home was caught in a ghetto at Warsaw. Then fans of Korczaks talent wanted to arrange his escape, but he rejected such proposals. The third time, fate gave him a chance at salvation before sending the train to the extermination camp. When the train was ready to depart a Nazi officer entered to the train. He approached to Korczak and asked:
Are you Janusz Korczak? In my childhood I liked to read your book King Matt the First. The train may go without you.
What will become of the children?
They will be taken to the camp. And you are free. You may get out of the car.
No, I will not do it. Do not look on all the people as scoundrels.


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