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Professional testing 2015
Views: 429 | 18-02-2015 | Educational project

Professional testing 2015 The second February stage of professional testing of fosterlings of boarding schools of Almaty city has come to the close. The testing was held in Almaty branch of Saint Petersburg University of the Humanities and Social Sciences.
All participants received the reports with detail analysis of their testing according to which an expert of professional testing had a personal talk with every child giving valuable recommendations about occupational choice.
Computer professional testing, organized by Saby Foundation annually, has good results. As we have informed 70% of children, who had passed testing, enter chosen specialties selected by smart program successfully.

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Subscription - 2015
Views: 390 | 23-01-2015 | Educational project

Subscription - 2015 The subscription for the most readable and popular child’s publications, “Baldyrgan” magazine and “Ulan” newspaper, has been extended for social institutions which applied to Saby Foundation. Moreover, the quantity of subscriptions has increased doubly.

Therefore, in 2015 fosterlings of the affiliated institutions will have the possibility to read their favorite magazines again. Under the conditions of total computerization and informatization it is remarkably that children show their interest in “live” reading and it confirms the actuality of this charitable act.

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Montessori Teachers Are in Kyzylorda Now
Views: 468 | 19-11-2014 | Educational project

Montessori Teachers Are in Kyzylorda Now Professional Montessori teachers, working according to the Italian System of Early Development by Maria Montessori the essence of which is to engage a child into self education from his/her early life, started their work in Kyzylorda Orphanage. Recently the third final stage of this educational approach instruction was completed in the affiliated institution of our Foundation.

Saby Foundation defrays all expenses on organization of teaching process of 15 teachers of the Orphanage as well as opening and equipping of the Montessori Center. This seminar as well as previous ones was practical and lasted nearly two weeks. The participants received certificates of early development of children from birth to 3 years old by Eurasian Montessori Center of Pedagogics, Yekaterinburg.

Now the certified specialists can provide and support necessary atmosphere for the development of their little fosterlings, children who left without parental care.

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The Right Choice is Career Advancement
Views: 481 | 22-10-2014 | Educational project

The Right Choice is Career Advancement During 4 years Saby Charitable Foundation in the framework of its Educational Project organizes and finances testing of vocational guidance of the high school pupils living in orphanages in Almaty and Almaty region.

Tests are held every six months in a specialized training center. A program developed by professors from M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University allows fairly and accurately to recommend a specialty or more specialties to choose from, with which the subject will be able to achieve the greatest success in the future and which best fit his/her abilities and talents.

Of course in the age of electronic technology each PC user can test his/her inclinations by the means of a wide variety of tests and questionnaires offered by online resources. But not all of these questionnaires are prepared by experts and are of practical use.

Our Foundation is in contact with professionals in the field. It has been tested more than 450 pupils within 4 years of joint working. Among them 65-70% of children successfully enrolled in vocational and higher education institutions on the specialties that they have been recommended by the experts on the basis of the analysis of obtained results.

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Views: 410 | 01-10-2014 | Educational project

WHEN YOU HAVE A KNOWLEDGE - UNT DO NOT FEAR Since October we start the new stage of preparatory courses to UNT (Unified National Testing), which, as usually, will last 8 months. Children from boarding schools of Almaty city, who undoubtedly set the goal to get higher education, will start to improve their gained in school knowledge and to master new, more complex, issues and subjects.

The courses organized by Saby Foundation in one of the city educational centers show excellent dynamics from year to year. For example, all children who attended lessons during 2013-2014 academic year entered universities with fellowship. Such results are explained by first strict selection of students, their lofty aims and good level of teaching.

We hope that 2014-2015 stage will become effective and will show the corresponding results in May of the next year when our graduates get necessary points on UNT.

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