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Freedom of Movement! (video)
Views: 870 | 26-04-2013 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

Invataxi Services have been organized already in 20 cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Invataxi render free transport services to disabled people, who have serious problems with musculoskeletal system. For this purpose, special transport in the amount of 60 cars of Volkswagen were purchased by Saby Foundation and were donated to the societies of disabled people. During 5 years of the realization of ‘Decent Life for Disabled People’ Project over than 300, 000 transportations have been carried out! From year to year this quantity is growing and a growing number of disabled people are involved to the active life of society.

The opportunity of movement allows to Live!

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Invataxi Car Fleet Has Increased Up To 62 Cars
Views: 885 | 13-02-2013 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

Invataxi Car Fleet Has Increased Up To 62 Cars This year the Decent Life for Disabled People Project celebrates its 5 year anniversary. The system of free transport services for people of 1 and 2 disability groups with musculoskeletal problems works well and gives benefit to society. The lists of categories of the citizens, who can use Invataxi services, are established in city departments of employment and social programs. On the basis of social institutions, where special car fleets are located, dispatching services work and accept requests for transportations. Disabled people can go for study and work, visit medical institutions, cultural and sport events.

The indicator of the wide development of Invataxi is Internet. You can type in any searching web site this word and see the hundreds of references to the articles about realization of this project, work of transport services and fates of passengers. More than 100,000 of transportations were fulfilled during 2012.

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The Issue of “Invataxi” Has Been Raised At High Level
Views: 342 | 21-12-2012 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

Today, the meeting of the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan Abdenov S.S. with the leaders of social organizations of physically challenged people, foundations and state structures was held in Almaty. At round table the issues, which require the solution in the sphere of integration and social adaptation of physically challenged people into modern society, were raised.

The issue of transport availability was discussed with a special meaning, firstly, for the needs of difficult movable people, physically challenged people who use wheelchairs.

Aselle Tasmagambetova, President of the Foundation, presented the report about Saby Charitable Foundation activity within the framework of “Decent Life for Disabled People” Project about the development program of “Invataxi” social system.

The whole text of the report you can read here. report.pdf [99.46 Kb] (Downloads: 3)

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52 Cars at Invataxi Kazakhstan Car Fleet!
Views: 825 | 05-09-2012 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

52 Cars at Invataxi Kazakhstan Car Fleet! When you are waiting for something, time goes so slowly. For a wheelchair-bound invalid, dreaming, perhaps, for the first time after many years of imprisonment in his/her own home, to leave his/her home and to make a trip round the city, to give a look at new buildings of already hardly familiar streets or to slightly touch withered but alive leaves, such expectation will become quite intolerable.

It takes long half a year from the date of signing of Invataxi Service Development Agreement in a populated locality till the receiving of cars granted by Saby Charitable Foundation. It will take precisely such period of time to purchase and re-equip cars at the plant in Germany where special hydraulic lifts are installed which release a person in a wheelchair, getting into the car, from the dangerous necessity of changing a seat.

Six months from the moment two Volkswagen Caddy cars were purchased for Almaty Society of Disabled People, at last passed. The cars passed customs clearance, formalities at the State Automobile Inspection and enlarged Kazakhstan specialized car fleet for disabled people established by our Foundation in 2008. Now there are already 52 invataxies functioning in 16 cities of the country.

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Special Purpose Elevators for Regions
Views: 837 | 10-07-2012 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

Special Purpose Elevators for Regions Another batch of mobile special purpose elevators, which make possible wheelchair people to ascend and descend stairs of buildings and constructions, was delivered to Almaty. These devices enable handicapped persons to comfortably and securely surmount staircases without wearisome relocation from a wheel-chair.

The primary purchase and approbation in 9 cities allowed to estimate positive result of the exploitation of both track laying and wheeled elevators. The new mechanisms will be donated to the societies of handicapped persons on the base of which Invataxi Regional Services operate in the order of received requests.

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