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Game as a Means to Fight an Ailment
Views: 775 | 11-10-2012 | Medical Project

Game as a Means to Fight an Ailment  Saby Charitable Foundation has been carrying on activity under its Medical Project for 10 years already, which is one of the first and long-term projects. From 2002, when the project was launched, much has changed in our country. Budget financing of the medical industry has significantly increased, state programs covering all spheres of health care have been developed. But the role of private sector capital, including charitable organizations, should not be underestimated. Foundations of high mobility can be involved to solve a definite problem, when a prompt response, hard to be fulfilled in conditions of public procurement, is required.

Within the frame of the Medical Project, Saby Foundation, among other objectives, renders assistance to medical and preventive treatment institutions to improve hospital conditions for patients, first of all, for children. To facilitate the stay of children in hospitals during a period of treatment and rehabilitation, game rooms are equipped especially for them.

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Frost Which Gladdens Us in Summer
Views: 836 | 22-06-2012 | Medical Project

Frost Which Gladdens Us in Summer Are you familiar with the situation when in summer heat days, a refrigerator suddenly goes wrong and food products purchased in advance, quickly deteriorate and become uneatable?

The Republican State Enterprise based on Economic Jurisdiction of Semey State Medical University, which unified in its walls the adults and children’s regional hospitals, has faced such problem. The failed and unrepairable obsolete refrigeration equipment has become a threat with its disruptions to the functioning of the medical institution, since food poisoning, especially by children whose health is weakened even without that by diseases, may lead to very serious consequences.

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A Helping Hand on the Eve of the New Year
Views: 921 | 25-01-2012 | Medical Project

A Helping Hand on the Eve of the New Year In late dates of December the President of the “Saby” Foundation received a message. The message was about saving lives of two infants born in 2010 and 2011, who needed urgent help of Russian doctors-neurosurgeons.

State quotas for treatment in the Russian Federation had already been received and St. Petersburg doctors were waiting for patients, but it was very difficult to send small patients to St. Petersburg before the New Year holidays: there were no direct flights and air-to-air flights were prohibited strictly by doctors – extremely grave condition of babies did not allow to hope that they would survive after several takeoffs and landings.

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Hamilton helps breathe
Views: 917 | 13-12-2011 | Medical Project

Hamilton helps breathe The “Saby” Charitable Foundation continues an activity on its “Medical Project” to provide Medical Institutions with equipment and medicine, to create favorable conditions for patients undergoing treatment in Medical Institutions, as well as to render medical assistance in case of emergency. Moreover, we have a great scope of works being performed including capital repairs of wards and game rooms, equipping of operating rooms, diagnostic and treatment departments. This Project covers about 14 Institutions of the Republic.

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Training classroom for rehabilitation of postapoplectic patients has been put into commission
Views: 1074 | 25-10-2010 | news, Medical Project

Training classroom for rehabilitation of postapoplectic patients has been put into commission Presentation of a training classroom for rehabilitation of postapoplectic patients, the purpose of which has already been discussed, was held in the city clinical hospital No 7.

That event evoked a wide response. During performance of works on equipment of the facility Head of the Healthcare Department of Almaty city Erkin Durumbetov visited the Insult Department INSO-2, on the base of which the classroom was opened, and appreciated highly its significance.

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