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Throw Away Gadgets Fall to the Training Systems!
Views: 287 | 10-07-2014 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Throw Away Gadgets  Fall to the Training Systems! Creation of favourable conditions for sport and inclusion to a healthy life of children from social vulnerable groups of people are the main tasks of so-named project of our Foundation.

Within its framework Saby made a wonderful present to the Adaptation and Support Center of Alumnuses from social institutions of Almaty city Zhastar Uyi (Youth Center) several modern training systems which perfectly suited to the interior of exercise room.

Most of children who live in the center, notwithstanding educational and professional duty take seriously the question of physical development. The present is intended exactly for them.

To pick up hundreds of kilometers on fitness cycle, to become a real road runner on the run track, to make dozens of different cardio exercises is possible now.

Straight ahead to health and well-being!

Saby at Home of Kazakhstan Football
Views: 788 | 23-09-2013 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Saby at Home of Kazakhstan Football The opening of multifunctional sport ground, built on account of Saby Charitable Foundation in the territory of boarding school No. 4 for children with ear problems in Semei city on the 20th of September, turned into a real holiday. The present event was included into the city program of 100-anniversary celebration of Kazakhstan football, with a view of which the city was overtaken with football ethereal during 3 days.

Fosterlings of the boarding school tested the new sport ground already before its official opening and stayed very happy. Young sportsmen liked the modern cover artificial grass, which is not hazardous as asphalt and does not kick up dust as ground. And indeed, it is nicely to glance at the ground transformed beyond recognition.

30 20 10!
Views: 683 | 04-07-2013 | Sport-Health-Achievement

30  20  10! One month hardly had passed when Saby Foundation reported about the completion of sports ground construction in Boarding School No. 8, Semei city. The foster children of Boarding school No. 4 for deaf children of this eastern city received analogical present.

Sport and health are inseparable, this is an invariable truth, that is why, what is gladdened especially is the fact that children with health problems not only refuse from trainings but have significant successes in playing sport games. We noticed that the main love of young Semei residents is football. Competitions between teams from different social institutions are held in the territory of boarding school. Young football players gathered from the whole city to demonstrate their skills.

New Playground in Semei
Views: 844 | 24-06-2013 | Sport-Health-Achievement

New Playground in Semei In Semei boarding school No. 3 for blind and visually impaired children the new playground complex, built by Saby Charitable Foundation, with climbing walls, walking area, swings, slides, benches, rockers and so on has been opened.

School years for a child are the time of active growth and development, but for visually impaired children this period is the main period of their life, when they study at specialized training under the constant supervision. One of the major tasks of the school is the development of household physical skills; such children are studied to walk, to go up and down the staircase, to run, to jump and to dance.

When we got acquainted with the boarding school, it became clear that there was no place for foster children to develop in full rate. The decision was made to support the institution and to build for children special sport playgrounds and to equip places for relaxation.

Sport Project The 28th Object Has Been Completed!
Views: 584 | 13-06-2013 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Sport Project  The 28th Object Has Been Completed! In 2013 Kazakhstan football celebrates its 100 anniversary. Football in our country started from Semipalatinsk. According to surprising set of circumstances all three sport objects, built by Saby Foundation this year, are placed in Semei too.

The first object, a universal playground for five-a-side, basketball and volleyball, has been put into commission in Boarding School No 8. As other similar objects, built by the Foundation in other regions of the country, the object became not only significance contribution in the infrastructure of the city, but a real decoration of the city architecture: emerald artificial grass, fencing on perimeter and searchlight gave the territory of social institution more beautiful and modern look.


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