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With Future Perspective
Views: 715 | 17-08-2012 | Youth Project

With Future Perspective Graduates of boarding schools. How little we know about them. It is difficult to imagine how hard their life becomes after they graduate from boarding schools. How much obstacles and difficulties they have to overcome being left without pedagogic guardianship, having neither real-life experience, nor relatives support. How difficult to get education, to find a job and to survive when you are quite alone. How impossible to realize the right to have your own accommodation unit. Practice shows that just few of these guys succeed in acquiring their own accommodation.

Having launched the Youth Project a year ago, Saby Charitable Foundation renders assistance to young orphans in acquiring apartments on a preferential basis. According to the Projects provisions, the Foundation transfers initial contributions as accommodation savings in the amount of 50% of the cost of one-bedroom flat to the accounts, opened in Zhilstroisberbank, of the participants who will later make every effort to gather necessary sum to buy a flat or a house.

News about the Youth Project
Views: 1045 | 25-11-2011 | Youth Project

News about the Youth Project 5 months have passed since the start of a pilot project "Youth" aimed at improving living conditions of graduates of orphanages.

According to terms of housing savings contracts entered into between the Saby Charitable Foundation, beneficiaries of the project and Zhilstroysberbank of Kazakhstan JSC, our Foundation has transferred the amount of 50% of the estimated cost of 1-room apartment in Almaty to the account of each of the six participants of the project.

Now, our employees monitor regularly monthly contributions from the children, because the ultimate goal of the project is obtaining by each participant of a separate apartment, and the main objective of the Foundation at this stage is strict control over timeliness of their financial contributions.

Youth Project: The foundation has been laid
Views: 990 | 26-08-2011 | Youth Project

Youth Project: The foundation has been laid As we have already reported, in 2011 the Saby Foundation launched a pilot project Youth the purpose of which was to support single-minded and perspective young people from among the graduates of public social institutions. The main objective of the project was to help orphans, who had been pre-selected and enrolled in the number of participants, to acquire the roof over their heads. This year has become lucky for three girls and three young men - students of Zhastar Ui (House of Youth), Almaty.

YOUTH Project taking new targets
Views: 1023 | 24-06-2011 | Youth Project

YOUTH Project  taking new targets Each event that is highlighted by us on Sabys web-site as well as all the preliminary works to be initiated for its organization including other arrangements being planned are of great importance for the Foundation. We do not classify the Projects with a breakthrough to their importance, including all of the steps to be taken for their implementation because all of our Projects are of highly importance for us. Nevertheless we are always very happy to announce the launching new Projects because they will take a long and interesting way to be successfully implemented and will help a lot of people living in our Kazakhstan.


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