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Views: 30 | 16-08-2017 | news

BALALAROOM, SIX MONTHS LATER AFTER THE FINALWe begin a series of publications about finalists of the competition "Build Your Own Business" of 2017. The first finalist, which we shall discuss below, is Sergey Teyfel, the founder of the Balalaroom project on production of board games for children and adults. Sergey have formed the idea of such business just recently, however, in just one year he was able not only to make the first production, but also to win a grant in our competition, to create own shop and to open club of family rest "Balalaroom". Read more about it in our material.

The opening of the game Park by Aselle Tasmagambetova
Views: 424 | 11-08-2017 | Sport-Health-Achievement

I am pleased to tell, that building of new large municipal childrens playground in Atyrau is completed!
Our Fund donated it to the city and now all children and their parents can visit this place of fun, joy and wonderful entertainments, called Saby Alemi, free of charge at any time.

The most diverseplay structures for children of all ages from toddlers to teenagers making attempts are placed on the area equal to 1,800 sq. m.Disabled children were not gone unnoticed. A special complex with entrance ramp is built for them. Thousands of children can play, swing, climb, slide down, rise, mount, run, jump, play with sand, throw a ball and do many other things all at onceon this large ground. After all, sports and games are essential components of childs healthy and harmonious development, which focustheiractivity on right things. This playground became the 44th and the hugest object built by Saby Fund under the Sports-Health-Achievements project, and Atyrau is the 12th city of Kazakhstan, which became projects beneficiary.

Seeing, that our playground became such a popular place, Saby Alemi, before its official opening, hopes that similar islands of childrens happiness will appear in other regions as well with the help of municipal government.

Sincerely yours,
Asel Tasmagambetova

Aid to Chingiz
Views: 344 | 19-07-2017 | news

Aid to Chingiz The charity Found Saby recently allocated funds in the amount of 400 000 tenge for Zhumartov Chingiz, who suffers from infantile cerebral paralysis. The financial aid is directed to the course of complex rehabilitation in the clinic of Dr. Fu located in the city of Astana.

Chingiz was born on September 26, 2011, which was much prematurely. Immediately after his birth the child was brought to neonatal resuscitation department; 2 cerebral hemorrhages, no lung opening, as well as vast hematomas gave rise to assigning a degree of disability already in the first year of life. At the moment Chingiz cannot move without assistance, chew and hold toys in his hands, but despite this he has no convulsions and no contraindications to rehabilitation exercises.

We strongly hope that the course of treatment will have a beneficial effect on the health of Chingiz and believe that he will come into his own soon.

Completing a big deal
Views: 392 | 05-07-2017 | Medical Project

Completing a big dealWe are keen to share some good news with you!

A new obstetric surgical table was installed at Akmola Regional Hospital No 2. As for suction units to exhaust liquids, tissue particles and gases from the patients' body cavities and upper respiratory passages received in mid-May, they are already involved and fulfill their vital functions.

Hospital doctors were especially eagerly waiting for installment of modern medical equipment. Because each saved life is a big victory. Now we will have more such victories! New medical equipment will help to render all necessary assistance to patients timely and to a good quality.

You will find a photo report here.

Support for Kyzylorda childrens home continues
Views: 512 | 12-06-2017 | Orkendeu Project » Orphanage in Kyzylorda

Support for Kyzylorda childrens home continues Financial participation of Saby Charitable Foundation enabled building and complete equipment of Kyzylorda childrens home. Although it exists for 5 years, the foundation treats all requests for help from employees and children of this establishment with especial care.

With onset of summer, all Kyzylorda population starts to get ready for abnormal and steady heat. At times, the mercury rises to 50 degrees. In order to make childrens stay in the childrens home more comfortable a need of air conditioners to be installed in the events hall arose. We quickly addressed the request and soon the rooms will be equipped with new air conditioners. Moreover, rubber mats and fitted carpet were bought for therapeutic physical training room.

You will find a photo report here.


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