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Good Luck, School Leavers!
Views: 447 | 28-05-2014 | Educational project

Good Luck, School Leavers! ourses of preparation to the Common National Testing, which Saby Foundation organizes every year in one of the educational centers of our city for foster children of boarding schools of Almaty and Almaty region, have terminated recently.

As we wrote earlier, not all seniors, who participated in the project, could boast their results in the first months: additional loading to the school program is hard. 8-month way to the main testing was difficult. Sometimes school leavers had to miss classes by the reason of illness or other reasons. But in spite of this the majority of them could dispose vacancies in their knowledge, which seemed to be especially difficult. They improved their results and showed stable good points.

On the part of the Foundation comprehensive contact was maintaining with mentors from educational centers, fosterers and pupils themselves over the period of the training course. Now we hope that every school leaver can pass his/her first main examination with certainty.

Good luck!

Intermediate Results of CNT Preparation
Views: 648 | 03-03-2014 | Educational project

Intermediate Results of CNT Preparation Training courses for Common National Testing, which Saby Foundation annually organizes for children from boarding schools of Almaty and Almaty region in one of the tutor centers of the city, are still continued.

Specially developed program for school leavers is more detail and complex in comparison with the common school program. Probably, for this reason the points, received in the educational center by pupils on the monthly basis, are lower than they receive in their schools. In general, even the results of pupils, who could not receive minimal 50 points in the first months of education, were improved.

Professional Testing, Second Stage
Views: 716 | 19-02-2014 | Educational project

Professional Testing, Second Stage The second stage of professional testing, which is held by Saby Charitable Foundation twice a year for school leavers from boarding schools of Almaty and Almaty region, was launched.

The question of profession choice is of a high priority for school leavers. It is insufficient to say: I want to become It is important to define your inclinations and abilities in the chosen profession. Several years Saby Foundation helps to understand this complex process, organizing and financing professional testing, using special computer program developed in Lomonosov Moscow State University.

At least 70 people, who want to understand themselves better, gathered on the each stage. February stage is the final stage before school completion, this stage, as a rule, leads school leavers to the final decision about the choice of future activity.

Grants for the future
Views: 844 | 06-11-2013 | Educational project

Grants for the future This year, 49 students from Almaty and regions have studied at the secondary and higher educational institutions of our country thanks to Saby Charitable Foundation grants, issued under the Educational Project and Alem Young Talents Support Program.

From our experience, we know that only a few first-year students are able to get involved in learning and assimilate knowledge they are being taught from the very beginning. Former schoolchildren feel a sense of discomfort; they fail to keep their usual rhythm of life, barely coping with the increased workload and responsibility. Unfortunately, freshers sometimes give up their study at the start. Thats why we count our chickens not on the 1st of September, but a little later, giving them the opportunity to adapt.

Become the Person What You Are
Views: 757 | 25-10-2013 | Educational project

Become the Person What You Are Coming closer to the graduation, every high school student starts thinking about the future, looking for his or her own key to success in life, thinking on the question what to become? Most teens choose a profession on their relativesadvice or by their friendsexample, without regard to their character traits, preferences and aptitudes. Unfortunately, such kind of choice hardly ever proves to be successful. As a result, the coveted university diploma lies dusty in a cabinet, and the newlytrained specialist is tempting fate in a completely different field.


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