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Sport Project – Do Not Stop at the Achieved Level
Views: 811 | 24-04-2013 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Sport Project – Do Not Stop at the Achieved Level  In 2013 Sport Project of Saby Charitable Foundation plans to become a record project according to the quantity of constructed objects, the amount of expended sums and the term of works execution. Foster children from 4 social educational institutions of Kazakhstan will be granted with new sport buildings by the beginning of academic year already.

Three of the objects will be constructed in East Kazakhstan Region: multifunctional playgrounds for football, basketball and volleyball are planned to be built in one of the orphanages and in one of the boarding schools of Semey city. Also ‘Ksil’ Children Playground will be constructed in this city. People of Semey were very active in managing of the cooperation with Saby Foundation. Timely appeals to the Head of our organization, distribution of requests for construction and patient expectation have led to the long-awaited results.

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Fantastic World for the Child Care Center
Views: 578 | 01-11-2012 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Fantastic World for the Child Care Center Taking care of rising generation, Saby Charitable Foundation has been for many years developing its sport project as physical trainings and outdoor games is the guarantee of children’s health, energy and cheerful mind. That is why the construction of play and sport grounds for children by our Foundation do not lose its actuality especially in social institutions where orphans and children from vulnerable families are raised whose inexhaustible energy needs to be directed to a right way.

Regular, the twenty-sixth sport object (KSIL playground is the tenth in succession) is constructed to the joy of little inmates of the Child Care Center of Kyzylorda city. The equipment is installed in the territory of the new building of the institution being constructed by our Foundation at the present time. We hope that children seeing endless flight of steps, swings, slides, whirligigs, garden houses, rocking chairs, will be delighted. It is known that children are thankful but exacting, monotonous elements bother them quickly. That is why it is insufficient to buy just a sandbox or a bench: they want something special, bright and colorful; we tried to guess precisely desires of every child.

Such firework of emotions became a reality thanks to our wonderful friend and true philanthropist KazRosGas LLP.

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Saby Again in Temirtau
Views: 902 | 27-09-2012 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Saby Again in Temirtau Autumn is the season of harvesting and for Saby Charitable Foundation it is the time to sum up annual results of the sport project.

Temirtau city has been a so-called beneficiary of our Foundation for two years already: in 2010, Saby Charitable Foundation donated two Invataxi cars to a local society of disabled people. Today, Regional Boarding School #2 for children with limited capacity is happy to announce that the multipurpose sport ground, which became the third object built by our organization in 2012 and the twenty fifth object within the period of realization of the Sport-Health-Achievements Project, was put in commission in the territory of the institution.

The choice of this school was not accidental. For 45 years of the organization existence, by efforts of pedagogic staff with the direct participation of the government, it was adjusted to the system of correctional education which has all necessary conditions for the growth of personality of a child with special educational needs. The boarding school carries out active sport and health work and many pupils successfully participate in different regional, republican and international competitions where they achieve impressive results, repeatedly winning medal places.

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Go Ahead, Alga! Or New Possibilities
Views: 776 | 23-08-2012 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Go Ahead, Alga! Or New Possibilities Saby Charitable Foundation extends its activity far beyond Almaty – to all regions of Kazakhstan. Beneficiaries of Saby are both individuals and organizations. Among them there is Aktobe Regional Rehabilitation Center in Alga town. Children with mental retardation, infantile cerebral paralysis, musculoskeletal abnormalities, speech impediments, and those having difficulties in learning as a result of neuropsychiatric disorders are raised here.

It is important to note that about four hundred children have improved their health during three years of the Center’s activity and all those who took a treatment course have made notable improvements in physical and mental state as well as in social adaptation.

In order to provide necessary conditions for physical exercises and outdoor recreation of little patients, the Foundation decided to equip the children playground in the territory of the medical institution with the following facilities: swings, turnarounds, rocking chairs, tables and benches, a big jungle gym and a sand playground which are specially designed with account of specific needs of users.

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Follow Olympic Sportsmen!
Views: 750 | 13-08-2012 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Follow Olympic Sportsmen! These warm August days, our whole country is in euphoria from sports fever. This is thanks to the talented sportsmen representing Kazakhstan in the 2012 Olympic Games. Watching daily the competitions in London, we enjoy wonderful performance of our athletes, one by one making world records and winning medals of the highest value.

Saby Charitable Foundation, constantly aspiring for the improvement of social standards of living, aims at the development of the culture and potential of younger generation by accustoming young people to a healthy life-style and physical activity.

No wonder that one of our priorities is the ‘Sport-Health-Achievements’ Project, the main goal of which is the training of worthy representatives of the national sport. We truly believe that already now future champions are trained in the buildings constructed by Saby Charitable Foundation and we will be proud of their future achievements on the world sport stages.

The multipurpose sports ground for football, volleyball and basket-ball games in Semei city, delivered several days ago, is our successive, the twenty-third contribution to the development of Kazakhstani Olympic movement!

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