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10 Wise Sayings by Albert Einstein
Views: 916 | 12-04-2013 | Wisdom of the Great

10 Wise Sayings by Albert Einstein Today we want to remember an interesting person, one of the founders of modern theoretical physics, a laureate of Nobel Prize in1921, Albert Einstein (1879-1955). Definitely most of us remember his photo with tongue put out, old man Albert had a good sense of humor:

One day Einstein walked along the corridor of Princeton and met a young and extremely untalented physical scientist. Coming up to Einstein the scientist familiarly gave a smack on his shoulder and asked patronizingly:
-How are you getting on, colleague?
Einstein questioned in surprise:
- Colleague? Are you suffering from rheumatism too?


All know the great scientist Einstein, but few people know that he was dedicated pacifist and philosopher, he thought a lot about life, a human being and humanity. Let us ponder over his ten wisdom sayings. These ideas reserved for dozens of years and now remain actual and popular.

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Abai’s Word
Views: 1326 | 26-03-2013 | Wisdom of the Great

Abai’s Word   Abai Qunanbayev (1845-1904) was a great Kazakh enlightener, poet, classic and composer.

Abai played a great part in creation of literary Kazakh language and left uneclipsed, artistic heritage.

In The Book of Words the philosopher ponds over about a human being and humanity, about difficult contradictory world, about science and education, customs, traditions and history of his nation.

We publish here some extracts from this work. Even nowadays Abai’s words sound acutely and modernly.

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conversation of a rich man with the Prophet about charity
Views: 787 | 18-02-2013 | Wisdom of the Great

conversation of a rich man with the Prophet about charity Gibran Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931) – a famous Lebanese-American philosopher, artist, poet and writer of the XX century. He was born in Bsharri, wherefrom he, at the age of 12, with his mother and sisters immigrated to the USA.

The Prophet (1923), the book famed Kahlil Gibran, was the peak of the poet’s philosophy and was translated to more than 100 languages.

Introduce our readers the extract from this great work – conversation of a rich man with the Prophet about charity:

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Commandments of Mother Teresa
Views: 970 | 23-01-2013 | Wisdom of the Great

Commandments of Mother Teresa We will begin the series from publication of the Commandments of Mother Teresa (1910-1997), a catholic nun who dedicated all her life to creation of schools, shelters, hospitals for poor and seriously ill children and grown-up people notwithstanding to their nationality and confession. Mother Teresa is the possessor of the Nobel Prize for “Rendering the Assistance to the Afflicted”.

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