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Regions Are Waiting For New Sports Facilities
Views: 859 | 18-07-2012 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Regions Are Waiting For New Sports Facilities Summer is traditionally the time for the implementing of Saby Charitable Foundations Project Sport-Health-Achievement. This summer will be marked by the construction of four objects in childrens social institutions of Semey, Temirtau, Kyzylorda and Algi cities in Aktyubinsk region.

We will report about the construction of playing courts in the west of Kazakhstan later, for now we would like to share the progress of work on sports facilities installation in Semipalatinsk and Temirtau correctional boarding schools.

Over 120 fosterlings live and study in the boarding school of the metallurgists city. Young athletes take an active part in city, regional, republic and international contests for children with disabilities and regularly please their supporters with winning places. The sportsmens potential is also high but the lack of a simply equipped gym limits the children preventing them from training in full force.

Football field is ready!
Views: 426 | 14-10-2011 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Football field is ready! A football field, on the construction of which in the territory of the Almaty Youth House we wrote in early August, has started its functioning. The first match has been played, and children have already estimated professional cover artificial grass.

Due to a contour floodlighting located along the perimeter of the field children will be able to play football till late at night, because most of them study or work during daylight hours.

Football is favorite sport of the majority Zhastar participants, and a new field is a real gift to those children whose leisure time is inextricably linked with healthy lifestyle.

Ahead, children! The Saby Foundation wishes you new achievements in sports!


Healthy Children Happy Families!
Views: 740 | 01-09-2011 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Healthy Children  Happy Families! "The House of Hope" in Almaty is a unique Social State Institution. The House accommodates both newborn and children under the age of seven (7) years old, generally from dysfunctional families the majority of which are represented by lone parents who are almost ready to abandon from their parental rights because of various circumstances: financial instability, disease, age, etc. To give these parents ones more to think on their future steps, to get on their feet and find a job - the House of Hope temporally accommodates and educates their children for the purposes of future reunion with their parents.

Football Ground for Youth Home
Views: 919 | 02-08-2011 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Football Ground for Youth Home The Youth Home Zhastar Ui, Almaty is a social establishment which accommodates the orphans-graduates from orphan homes. Young people live there until they reach 23 years old based on a dormitory concept: they buy food, cook and pay for utility services themselves. And it is not easy to be independent after being fully supported by the Government: you need to look for a job and earn enough money to buy food and clothes, to pay for education, etc. While the Youth Home staff is trying

Area for sports and games
Views: 884 | 19-07-2011 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Area for sports and games After summer holidays the students of Almaty Physico-Mathematical School "Danashym" will be much surprised when they see a new playground being under the construction using the Sabys Foundations efforts.


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