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2d Stage of Professional Testing, 2012-2013
Views: 873 | 21-02-2013 | Educational project

2d Stage of Professional Testing, 2012-2013 The second stage of professional testing, organized by our Foundation twice a year every academical year, ended. The testing is held for foster children of Almaty boarding schools, for pupils of 9 and 11 forms. 70 people, who took part the February stage, waited for it with a great impatience. We asked children to share their impressions.

Rakhmet Nurken from Boarding School No. 1 said the following: I replied the questions of the Proforientator Program with pleasure, because they are not repeated, but become more various and interesting and make you think of a chosen profession once more. According to the results of the professional testing it is turned out that I have more inclinations to technical professions and I absolutely agree with this. In spring I will graduate school and now I know what profession I will chose, I will enter Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications to the specialty of Wireman.

Montessori - Gift of Santa Claus
Views: 439 | 24-12-2012 | Educational project

Montessori - Gift of Santa Claus New Year is childrens holiday primarily. Children make their wishes, write letters to Santa Claus and wait for a miracle impatiently. Most pathetic letters contain, of course, wishes about different toys.

We decided to materialize not several childrens dreams, but dreams of the whole city and to present little residents of Ust-Kamenogorsk city not just toys but educational gaming equipment of Montessori. The materials of this equipment are almost real and adult items of welfare, interior, nature and enginery.

Saby Foundation on the basis of our affiliated organization BereginyaFamily Support Center Public Association arranged a form of early development of children from 3 to 6. Only over the period of pre-school age the relations of boys and girls with environment develop sweepingly. The most important thing is not to miss this perfect period of their life.

The cognitive process in playing form will be faster and more intensive. Interaction with bright, color, eco-friendly educational toys will allow little visitors of the center to be on friendly terms with the big world.

With Saby Trip Ticket to Life
Views: 815 | 28-11-2012 | Educational project

With Saby Trip Ticket to Life Traditionally, we publish information about the Educational Project of Saby Nonprofit Private Charitable Foundation in autumn.

In 2012 -2013 due to the grants of the Foundation 33 teenagers from orphanages and boarding schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan are educated in colleges and universities. Earlier 38 boys and girls have already graduated educational institutions and got qualifications.

12 teenagers from 3 orphanages of Almaty city and Almaty region have started their 8 month trainings for CNT preparation.

Annual two-stage computer testing of professional orientation are continued, the first stage of which was held in October, and the second stage will be in February of the next year. Professional testing is very popular among seniors; no less than 70 people take part in it regularly.

Professional Testing 2012-2013. Stage 1
Views: 719 | 06-11-2012 | Educational project

Professional Testing 2012-2013. Stage 1   Recently, the first stage of professional testing, which is organized by our Foundation twice a year in October and February, for foster children of Almaty boarding schools, pupils of 9 and 11 forms, has finished. This year, the number of participants has reached 72 people.

Becoming older and getting closer to the Farewell Bell, which means school graduation, children realize the importance of the right choice of profession, which will open for them doors to an independent adult world and help to struggle for a place in the sun. Often many young people dream only about a high-paid job, but during study they already begin to doubt their choice of profession, after gaining a diploma they ask themselves how to find a job, because no one is waiting for them in the world of severe competition.

CNT: Make Provision for a Rainy Day but in Good Time
Views: 530 | 03-10-2012 | Educational project

CNT: Make Provision for a Rainy Day but in Good Time CNT (Common National Testing). This is the word children threatened with almost from the elementary school being encouraged to prepare for the first and serious examination in their life. Parents make maximum efforts to create for their children all conditions for preparation, starting from private classes with teachers till special extra courses. And what if there are no parents? Who will help a foster child from a social institution to understand all peculiarities of the test and to successfully pass this milestone?

Within the frame of the Education Project, Saby Charitable Foundation has been cooperating for three years already with one of the leading centers in Almaty for the preparation of school leavers to the CNT. Children from the sponsored boarding schools are financed by the Foundation to attend courses three times a week from October till May.

We were pleased with the results of previous periods: the pupils who passed the program were able to get good grades in the testing and many of them entered universities under state grants. No wonder that the number of those wishing to attend extra classes has increased this year.

The CNT is certainly a stress for any pupil but systematic preparation for it will give confidence at the critical moment and will become a guarantee for successful study in the following years.

And we will learn the indicator of our work next June when we see the evaluation of our eight-month work in the number of grades got by pupils.


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