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News from Kyzylorda
Views: 712 | 11-06-2013 | Orkendeu Project

News from Kyzylorda Recently, the Saby Charitable Foundation representatives have visited Kyzylorda with a working tour.

Almost a half of a year passed since the time when foster children of [b]City Orphanage
have moved to a new building built by our Foundation. We were interested to see how do the kids feel in their new home.

We were very pleased with the warm atmosphere of the institution. And this is obvious, how can you compare the old, cold premises under the threat of collapse, where the kids were before, with this cozy, bright, welcoming home, where they have everything they need.

Specialists of Montessori Are Trained in Kyzylorda
Views: 765 | 08-04-2013 | Orkendeu Project

Specialists of Montessori Are Trained in Kyzylorda The new Child Care Center of Kyzylorda, built and equipped by Saby Foundation, was put into commission and fully functions since the beginning of this year. All conditions for safe and comfort residence of children, who left without parental care from the earliest age from birth to 4 years old, are created in this modern building.

Besides the stipulated buildings by the Building Code, such as bedrooms, playing rooms, lavatories, dining rooms and cook-rooms, medical rooms and other rooms, The Montessori Center of Early Development was organized by the decision of President of Saby Foundation Aselle Tasmagambetova. The wide assortment of educational equipment does not have any analogues in the South region. The Minister of Health Care of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kairbekova Salidat, who visited the Child Care Center in February, said the following: Montessori school of such level is build only in Astana and now in Kyzylorda. Indeed, our Foundation looked at the matter of the Center equipping very seriously. Materials, furniture and books of training methods were purchased on a specialized enterprise in Omsk city.

The main News of "Orkendeu" Project
Views: 931 | 26-12-2012 | Orkendeu Project

New Building Construction and Territory Equipment for
Child Care Center State Institution of Kyzylorda city

Saby Charitable Foundation
Almaty, 2012

Kyzylorda city. Hard weather conditions, ecological disaster zone of Aral Sea, constant water deficiency and, as a consequence, low level of life and health of local population, especially children, induced the Foundation to direct special attention to this region.

Child Care Center, situated in the regional center at the address: 84, Baiseitov street, is one of the most dangerous social institutions of the city in technical condition. This building is a frame house built in 1956, which is unsafe and old. Walls, patched with clay, are thoroughly whitened by workers of the institution, but this does not save from regular leakages and fragmentary breakdowns. Numerously painted window frames cracked and do not protect against winter cold and summer heat. There is no any heating; the process of heating is carried out by a ramshackle boiler house by means of rusty and rotten tubes. Small children live in such difficult conditions; they start here their life full of hardships without any support of parents and relatives.

Montessori Center Will Be Organized in Kyzylorda
Views: 916 | 25-10-2012 | Orkendeu Project

Montessori Center Will Be Organized in Kyzylorda The educational system in our country has undergone multiple transformations over the past few years. It is hard to say firmly whether these transformations are for the better, disputes on this subject have not stopped yet. We have got the methods and schemes approved a long time ago in the West. Some of them have not taken roots meanwhile others have found their place. Among recent ones, there is the widely used nowadays and undoubtedly effective method for children training of Maria Montessori, an Italian pedagogue, scientist and philosopher of the first half of the 20th century.

This system is based on an individual approach: a child always by himself chooses didactic materials and duration of trainings developing according to his/her own rhythm and direction. Montessoris pedagogics is focused on needs, capacities and talents of every child in particular. No comparisons and gauging by existing general standards are applicable. Children study freely and willingly instead, without external influence and criticism. The independence is fortified by tasks from real life, i.e. with those which can be directly implemented in everyday practice. Montessoris materials are not toys but real adult subjects reduced in scale. The method via imitation teaches seemingly simple but important actions such as how to dress, wash, lay the table, make crafts, do creative work, etc.

A Funding Support of KazRosGaz
Views: 920 | 06-08-2012 | Orkendeu Project

A Funding Support of KazRosGaz The construction of a new building for the Children Orphanage in Kyzylorda, planned by Saby Charitable Foundation within the framework of the Orkendeu Project, is a serious step which requires great investments. Certainly, it is impossible to carry out such large-scale works by sole efforts of our Foundation. We launched a fund raiser for the erection of building and received responses from many Kazakhstan companies and private individuals.

We would like to highlight and express a deep gratitude to the Kazakhstan-Russian Joint Enterprise KazRosGaz LLP. Having accepted social policy as one of the priority tasks on the modern stage of development, KazRosGaz LLP is a permanent philanthropist which has already contributed several times to the realization of the Foundations projects. For instance, the reinforcement of the Invataxi Almaty car fleet, about which we have reported on our web site, became possible thanks to KazRosGaz LLP.

The next significant step in our cooperation is the funding of the construction of a future orphanage in Kyzylorda. The large tranche was transferred to the account of Saby Foundation. The amount received will significantly cover the expenses on the installation of walls, roofage, utility network and equipment, communication installation, decoration works and territory improvement.


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