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Green Light for the Entrance to Higher Education Institutions
Views: 493 | 23-05-2012 | Educational project

Green Light for the Entrance to Higher Education Institutions Nine months of the preparation to the Unified National Testing in the municipal tutorial center, where in the frame of the Saby Foundation Education Project the fosterlings of our children houses built on their knowledge of school subjects, have been passed.

Control exams as well as the last years experience have showed that after having passed these courses, when entering higher education institutions, school leavers can count on the winning of education scholarships. We do hope that the tenacious long work on deepening of knowledge and sharpening of UNT techniques in the end will help the children to cope with the intension during examination and pass it, having done by this the first step in social adaptation.

And we, having crossed our fingers, can only wait for the results of our common efforts high scores in the republican testing. We wish good luck and success to future enrollees!

Education Project News
Views: 471 | 12-04-2012 | Educational project

Education Project News One and a half months is left before the end of the school year and the preparation for the Unified National Testing in schools is well underway. With great responsibility for the upcoming certification the pupils from the sponsored orphanages, attending the UNT preparation courses from September, came up as well.

As in the past year, we have high expectations on these graduates. Successful testing will open them a way to prestigious Higher Educational Institutions in Almaty and will permit Saby Foundation to increase, thanks to savings, the admission of participants in the Educational Project 2012 which traditionally started on March 19.

We kindly remind all managers of sponsored child social institutions that the deadline for the submission of documents for obtaining Saby Foundations educational grants is April 19 and the applications forwarded after this date will not be considered.

Professional Testing: The First Step to Specialty
Views: 901 | 06-03-2012 | Educational project

Professional Testing: The First Step to Specialty Recently the second (February) professional orientation testing stage for 9- and 11-form pupils from Saby Foundations fosterlings Almaty Orphanages #1 and #2 and Almaty Province Regional Orphanage, has finished 57 persons participated in it.

A right choice of profession is the main task of a teenager preparing to an independent life. However for the present moment it turns out to be not so easy.
Besides visits to numerous "open day" colleges and higher education institutions convincing that the specialties they offer are a guarantee of social welfare, a contribution is also made by obtrusive TV advertising assuring that work in a nice bright office at a computer means success and therefore prosperity.

Vocational guidance is looking in the future
Views: 780 | 04-11-2011 | Educational project

Vocational guidance is looking in the future Vocational guidance is one of the orientations of Educational project of the Charitable Foundation Saby. The primary object of this project is to help leavers of social institutions with vocational choice for children. It is very responsible step that maybe defines the life of young people in the future.

Testing on vocational guidance organized by us in two stages is held annually in October and February. Several days ago the first stage of this year was finished. 55 children from three supported orphanages took participation in it. Computer program Professional orientator developed by Russian specialists helps ninth formers and eleventh formers to determine their future profession.

Towards the knowledge
Views: 903 | 26-09-2011 | Educational project

Towards the knowledge Cooperation of the Saby Foundation with an educational center that trained senior pupils from our sponsored orphanages to the Unified National Testing during the last year will continue this year. Graduates, who had attended tutoring courses, showed a very good level of knowledge, and most of them entered the universities by state education grants. Such a result pleased everyone - teachers, our Foundation and, of course, the students themselves.

Management of our Foundation has assessed the positive experience and decided to continue cooperation with tutors. At the same time, children from orphanages of Almaty inspired by the success of elder friends have started visiting the courses.


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