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Results of the “Build Your Business 2015-2016” Contest
Views: 404 | 02-03-2016 | news

Results of the “Build Your Business 2015-2016” Contest We would like to bring to your attention the results of the “Build Your Business 2015-2016” contest.

The main news at the time of awarding the winners was the fact that the sponsors of the project Kenes Rakishev and Vyacheslav Kim decided to increase the overall size of the prize by $ 50,000 up to $ 250,000!

The main grant of $ 100,000 was divided between two parties. As a result, projects of S-med Manufacture of medical training devices of Almaty ( and Manufacture of pipes for heating mains of Kokshetau ( / projects / 584) received $ 50,000 either.

Grants of the second category have been increased from $ 20,000 to $ 25,000.

Thus, another 5 finalists received $ 25,000 either:

1. Кuntech – Production of helio collectors, Astana (

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“Build your own Business 2015-2016” Competition. Shortlist
Views: 399 | 05-02-2016 | news

List of Semifinalists of “Build your own Business 2015-2016” Competition.

1. Производство труб для теплотрассы
2. Новые железобетонные изделия (колодец для септиков)
3. Производство одноразовых бумажных стаканов
4. Переработка пластиковых отходов
5. KunTech - производство геллиоколлекторов (солнечные батареи)
6. Мастерская, дизайн студия Теплая (производство детской мебели)
7. Обогреватель малого потребления энергии
8. Настоящий алматинский апорт
9. Изготовление гидропонного зеленого корма
10. S-med (обучающие медицинские тренажеры)
11. Производство медицинских кроватей
12. Z COMMUNITY - образование будушего
13. Школа программирования
14. Sport Concept (Дворовый спорт)
15. Производство одежды BY SA
16. Энергосберегающая система ESCO
17. Анимационный сериал "Балалар"
18. Made in KAZAKHSTAN (прибор учета)
19. Производство национального напитка "Көже"
20. Хлеб для каждого
21. Заморозка ягод
22. Туман сервис
23. пансионат "Сәкен" на побережье озера Алаколь
24. Топливные гранулы (ПЕЛЛЕТЫ)
25. Прогнозирование наводнений с использованием технологий искусственного интеллекта

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Build Your Own Business. Such opportunity is still available
Views: 306 | 20-01-2016 | news

Build Your Own Business. Such opportunity is still available  Attention all!

We remind you, that submit application for participation in the annual competition “Build your own business”, which can change your life cardinally giving psychological impulse and financial possibility to develop your business, will terminate on January 31.

There is a little time, but still there is a chance!

No difficulties: just shoot a two-minute video and tell about your business plans, share it in social networks and send us the application (details here).

We wait new, actual and perspective ideas!

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Happy New Year 2016!
Views: 344 | 30-12-2015 | news

Happy New Year 2016! We sincerely congratulate all people of Kazakhstan with Happy New Year!

May 2016 become the year of happiness and prosperity for each family, bring success, joy and good changes to every house.

We wish the oncoming year become for our country the year of prosperity and well-being, the year of new achievements and victories!

Sincerely yours,
Saby Foundation

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Congratulations on Independence Day!
Views: 337 | 15-12-2015 | news

Congratulations on Independence Day! Dear compatriots, we congratulate you with the state holiday - Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

We wish you successes in all endeavours, good health, hope for the best and great happiness.

We wish peace and prosperity to our Republic, as well as harmony and welfare to our people!

Sincerely yours,
Saby Foundation

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