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5 Years of QIWI Charitable Payments
Views: 484 | 13-04-2016 | Charitable Campaigns

5 Years of QIWI Charitable Payments Dear Friends,

Saby Charitable Foundation launched the receipt of charitable payments by QIWI payment terminals (at that time- OSMP) in April 2011. It became possible for the volunteers, who want to make donations to people in need, to do it quickly and effectively not wasting their personal time practically.

Notwithstanding that the amount of majority payments seemed to be small at first sight, the amount of your donations for the past 5 years constituted almost 1,000,000 tenge. This fact confirms our position again: each tenge is important, and together we are powerful!

Accumulating all received donations on a special account our Foundation could realize the great objectives:
- in 2013, a set for physiotherapy for children with neurological disorders and a set of manual masseur were purchased for the Infant Home of Kyzylorda city;

- in 2013, special stove for sterilization and disinfection of medical appliances and sterilizing drums were purchased for the Infant Home of Karakestek village of Almaty region;

QIWI Terminals, Saby FoundationPass the Baton of Good
Views: 615 | 20-05-2015 | Charitable Campaigns

QIWI Terminals, Saby FoundationPass the Baton of Good One of the leading payment systems in Kazakhstan QIWI has informed on its official website, that Kazakhstan people has donated for charity over 203 million tenge in 2014 with their QIWI PurseandQIWI Terminals, having made 78 thousand payments to charity organizations. These numbers are three times higher than in 2013.

Our foundation is also among the organizations, represented in payment terminal interface. We are glad to notice, that Saby account regularly becomes not big but precious donations from QIWI users.

Unfortunately, we dont know you, because the donations are anonymous and we have not the possibility to thank every of you personally. But on our website we keep saying thank you for your cordiality, generosity and your wish to help those in need.

They say: Many a little makes a mickle every tenge waits for its time on our account, where a big sum is gathered for a help to someone. This time we were asked by the City Rehabilitation Centre for Children in the city of Almaty, where near 800 children with psycho neurological disorders are being treated every year, to buy the necessary stationery for the learning and treatment process.

New Years Surprise for Kids
Views: 380 | 16-01-2015 | Charitable Campaigns

New Years Surprise for Kids Periodically, especially on holidays, sponsors visit the Foundation and want to render single assistance for children, to do a good deed. In advance of the New Year THEFACESHOP Company, the multiple store of Korean cosmetics in Kazakhstan, turned to our Foundation with a request to find beneficiaries. Taking into account our wide experience the search of corresponding social institution did not take a lot of time: we recommended Shymbulak antiphthisic sanatorium for children, where nearly 300 little patients from social vulnerable families take rehabilitation treatment.

Children liked the New Year presents in the form of development games. What could be more important than the sunny smile on the childs face!

We thank all who are not indifferent to the fate of children in need.

Take a book in your hands!
Views: 765 | 16-10-2013 | Charitable Campaigns

Take a book in your hands! Its not a secret that with the development of Internet technologies our population, particularly children, fewer and fewer read literature. Almost everyone has the ability to connect to the World Wide Web and it is so interesting move your finger on the touch screen, "stretching" pictures, "turn over" online page, or simply click "the mouse" of the computer without straining your brain by comprehension of a serious information. It is much easier to watch a short video or a film, than to analyze other people's lives and situations.

It is hard to define unambiguous reasons for this situation. We, for example, see one of it in that tactile connection between the man and the book is lost. Printed publications have become quite expensive and inaccessible for many. In this case, the real pleasure of reading is missing, when you feel the smell of printers ink, you hear the rustle of turning pages, you feel the quality of the paper. Perhaps if to make friends the reader with the real book, newspaper or magazine, we again become the most reading country in the world.

Tasty Help By O!Cafe Restaurant
Views: 820 | 30-01-2013 | Charitable Campaigns

Tasty Help By O!Cafe Restaurant Notwithstanding the continuing economic instability many domestic companies, realizing their social responsibility, engage in different kinds of philanthropy.

Young businessmen show the highest activity suggesting their ideas in favor of charity. The perfect example is the active and creative team of O!Cafe Restaurant, the restaurant of healthy organic food. Guests of the restaurant from the large assortment of healthy tasty dishes can enjoy fresh biscuits baked on the recipes of clients, who attended the restaurant earlier and inspired with the idea of a healthy life.

But the main idea is to transfer all proceeds from sale of this unique product to the current account of Saby Foundation with the aim of realization of social projects on support of orphan children, children left without parental care, children from social vulnerable groups and disabled people of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


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