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Project of vital concernment
Views: 347 | 26-10-2016 | Save the childrens life

Project of vital concernment We would like to bring to your attention account a report on the GIVE A GIFT OF LIFE TO CHILDREN SMS promotional event established jointly with Voluntary Mercy Society in 2007. Over these years we see that monetary funds collected thanks to the project help to the thousands of diseased children to fight off their diseases and to start living of full life of happiness.

As of October 14, 2016, 1435 children from all the regions of Kazakhstan received the assistance. The amount of the paid surgical operations comprises KZT 2,137,352, 438 tenge. A total 2033 operations have been made (for some children the operations were made more than one time).

It is fairly easy to take part in the event. Send SMS with 1 text message to 9099 short number and amount equal to KZT280 will be debited from your telephones account and transferred to the special account opened within the framework of the project. The service is available for users of ACTIV, KCELL and BEELINE mobile operators. Mobile operators perform the 100% fee free transfer of the donations.

Thank you very much on behalf of children who are recovered and making progress and on behalf of their parents. It has been well said that a good man takes to heart the someone elses disease!

SMS to the Rescue
Views: 386 | 06-05-2015 | Save the childrens life

SMS to the Rescue For eight years now SMS project Grant the Gift of Life to Children is are liable and time-proved source of fund-raising for treatment of Kazakhstan children abroad. As of April 16, 2015, within the campaign aid has been provided to 1097 children from all regions of Kazakhstan, 1569 surgeries have been paid for (some children underwent more than one surgery), total amount of funds raised has US$ 9,589,769.

We strongly encourage everyone to get involved into mobile charity! It is simple and efficient: for subscribers of ACTIV, KCELL, and BEELINE it will be ought to send text with figure 1to short number 8099,and amount of 280 tenge will be deducted from your phone balance and directed to the specific account at which all funds will be accumulated, and then remitted to accounts of medical facilities directly.

Views: 424 | 24-09-2014 | Save the childrens life

SMS-Help Health of the child is the main joy of its parents. But unfortunately the disease does not select either older or younger people and our foundation receives numerous cries for help. Jointly launched SMS Campaign "Give Children Life" by Mercy Volunteer Society and Saby Foundation aimed at the effective treatment of children abroad already works for 7 years. It is gratifying to see that the number of those, who got help, approached the thousand mark, during the whole period 1367 operations for 982 children was paid.

As of August 25, 2014, the sum of money collected for the project makes up 8,403,372 US dollars.

We remind you that each subscriber for ACTIV, KCELL and BEELINE can participate in mobile/cell charity, it is just enough to send an SMS-message with number "1" or good wishes to the short number 8099 and the amount of 280 tenge will be deducted from your balance and transferred to a special account opened in the framework of this Action.

280 Tenge Save Childrens Lives!
Views: 545 | 04-05-2014 | Save the childrens life

280 Tenge Save Childrens Lives! By the efforts of charitable organizations the plenty of projects for improvement of medical and social assistance to the vulnerable social groups have been realized in Kazakhstan.

Thanks to Give Life to Children SMS-campaign, launched by Saby Charitable Foundation jointly with Mercy Volunteer Society in 2007, complex operations and expensive treatment of children abroad have become possible for families with humble income.

The main method of charitable assistance rendering in this project is SMS sending, which allows to make your own contribution in childrens lives saving. Subscribers of ACTIV, KCELL and BEELINE can send figure 1 or some good wishes to the short number 8099 and the sum in the amount of 280 tenge will be transferred from a telephone balance to the special account opened within the frameworks of the Campaign.

Thus, the whole society and every human being may be social responsible and valuable.

Drop by Drop - Sea...
Views: 387 | 05-12-2013 | Save the childrens life

Drop by Drop - Sea... We are presenting your attention the regular report on the Give Life to Children SMS Campaign, which was launched jointly by the Voluntary Society of Charity and the Saby Charitable Foundation in 2007. As of November 29, 2013, the amount collected through your SMS-messages was 5,178,474 USD.

Wed like to express our deep appreciation to all the participants of the campaign! Thanks to you, friends, 677 children from all regions of the country have received the necessary medical assistance abroad.

To transfer 280 tenge to the special account established within the framework of the Project, it is necessary to send a message with number 1 to the short number 8099 from your Beeline or Kcell phone, thats all!

Each SMS gives a chance to save another childs life.


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