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Vacations in Milan
Views: 415 | 11-09-2014 | Gifts of the Foundation

Vacations in Milan Recently 15 foster children from the regional orphanage 1 who had been awarded with the vacation package for the win in open football championship among foster children in Kazakhstan came back from Italy. Prior their trip they applied to the Fund Sabee with request to devote necessary funds for their pocket expenses.

We decided that we must help children who were into luck to travel to one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Owing to this help young sportsmen were able to see the famous football stadium Giuseppe Meazza, they met famous football players, visited museums and architectural monuments and, of course, they enjoyed quite enough in local aqua-park, which was wonderful termination of summer holiday. The travel was complete and very interesting.

Once more we congratulate all children, participated in the championship, and wish them further wins in sport!

A Good Thing Cant Be a Small Thing
Views: 344 | 04-09-2014 | Gifts of the Foundation

Probable every one of us has repeatedly got into a situation when sorting out their clothes to find quite nice items you for some reason do not wear that much. You dont simply throw such clothes away because you could still make use of them.

But whom can you give such dressing who will accept used clothes items? That was the question people residing in the capital addressed us.

Having quite an extensive experience we suggested those residents addressing just the right organization the Regional Public Society Kazakhstan Confederation of the Disabled in Astana. Several pairs of footwear, garments, outwear and other clothes items for everyday life found new masters.

If you have got something, you would like to donate, please, call us: + + 7 7172 336033, 336083.

Start with a Book and Violin - to the Adult Life
Views: 894 | 11-09-2013 | Gifts of the Foundation

Start with a Book and Violin - to the Adult Life State Child Library Named after S. Begalin is the old friend of Saby Foundation. The whole activity of the library is targeted for the benefit of children, who visit homelike reference rooms and do not imagine their life without an interesting book.

But children visit the library not only with the aim of reading. In Begalinka library they can master their computer and Internet skills, watch movies and listen to music. Besides, different groups, working on the basis of the library, engrain the love of boys and girls for creativity. Here they learn to draw, sculpt, do crafts, and try themselves as actors in the child-juvenile theater and many other things.

Saby Charitable Foundation supported different projects and undertakings of this organization repeatedly or just delivered over presents and books for little visitors of the library.

Useful Gift for Boarding School
Views: 473 | 16-01-2013 | Gifts of the Foundation

Useful Gift for Boarding School Recently foster children of Boarding School #1 of Almaty city, who attend carpenter hobby group, were gifted by our Foundation with perforating machine, disc electric saw, rubbing machine, jigsaw and spare parts. These work tools became additional to already purchased before New Year two kits of carpenter tools.

We decided to give boys an opportunity to vary their kinds of activity. Indeed, the skill to manage with house tools handily will help future men to develop their own independent living conditions, these skills could not have come at a better time when search for a job. Perhaps, some boys will choose the profession of furniture maker, carpenter or a woodworker. Meanwhile young masters try to make boot shelves for the whole boarding school.

Early labor training is the important part of socialization and adaptation into society for graduates of boarding schools. That is why Saby Foundation tries to reply only to such requests of the management of institutions and present only useful gifts.

Somebody Thanks You Day Spent Not in Vain!
Views: 717 | 06-12-2012 | Gifts of the Foundation

Somebody Thanks You  Day Spent Not in Vain! Population of our multinational country celebrates all kinds of holidays with great relish. Besides state and religious holidays Kazakhstan people like to celebrate different thematic holidays such as Saint Valentines Day, Halloween or Thanksgiving Day. The last one people started to celebrate three years ago in all educational institutions including orphanages and boarding schools, where orphaned children and children, left without parental care, express their gratitude to people, who help them to establish in their lives: tutors, volunteers, philanthropists and all who takes part in childrens destiny.

There were many guests in our affiliated boarding school No. 1 of Almaty city on the 29th of November. Foster children of the institution prepared in honor of Thanksgiving Day a performance for adults, exhibited their creations and treated guests with different delicate dishes. The main aim of these warm-hearted meetings is the ethic and mental development of children, upbringing of self consciousness and a sense of duty, development of creative and working skills. Such happy almost family events allow children to feel love and concern.


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