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Invataxi the fewer barriers are, the better life is
Views: 359 | 25-08-2016 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

62 Invataxi cars, have been purchased by Saby Foundation and granted to the societies of disabled people of the Republic of Kazakhstan, run in the streets of 20 cities of the country relieving and improving disabled peoples lives.

SMS Save Lives
Views: 422 | 11-05-2016 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

SMS Save Lives Unfortunately, there are many children in our country, who need medical treatment. We are happy to understand that the quantity of people, who ready to extend a helping hand, is not so small.

But in any society we can find swindlers, who use a human grief in mercantile purposes. You should know about it and be cautious, check information and provide charity support only through reliable foundations.

Since 2007 Present Life to Children SMS-campaign, launched by Saby Foundation jointly with Mercy Volunteer Society (MVS), manages the fund-raising for treatment abroad of children with health problems, which do not respond to treatment in Kazakhstan.

As of the end of April 2016, due to SMS 1, 984, 450, 781 tenge were collected. 1 406 children from all regions of our republic received necessary assistance, 1 955 surgical interventions were paid (some children were operated on several times).

To participate in the campaign it is necessary to send SMS with number 1 to short number 9099 and sum in the amount of 280 tenge will be withheld from your balance and will be transferred to a special account opened within the framework of the project. The service is available for subscribers of ACTIV, KCELL and BEELINE. The mobile network operators carry out 100% transfer of donations with no fee charged.

SMS Gives Life
Views: 356 | 09-12-2015 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

SMS Gives Life We publish the regular report of Give Life to Children Campaign, the partner of which since 2007 is Saby Foundation, and we say thank you to all who takes part in this campaign!

Thanks to the funds, which donate our compatriots for Kazakhstan childrens treatment by transferring their contributions by means of SMS, 1359 children from all regions of the country have been secured assistance. 1884 surgical interventions have been carried out (some little patients needed several procedures). The amount of paid surgical interventions as of November 23, 2015 is 11, 057, 975 USD.

To take part in this campaign the subscribers of ACTIV, KCELL and BEELINE need to send SMS with 1 to 8099 number. Payment in the amount of 280 tenge will be charged off from the telephone balance and will be transferred to the special account.

Join us, someone needs your help now!

Wheelchair for Darina
Views: 414 | 18-03-2015 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

Wheelchair for Darina In January of this year, a resident of Semey city has addressed to our Foundation asking for help to buy an expensive wheelchair for her daughter Darina. Unfortunately, the teenager has a serious diagnosis of ICP and congenital defect of a central nervous system.

The girl has already passed one treatment course in China. In order to maintain a stable condition it is necessary for her to have a regular massage, acupuncture and do remedial gymnastics. Besides a specialized wheelchair is required that will ensure the correct position of a back and unload a spine.

Taking into account current improvements in treatment of the girl, Saby Fund has complied with the request of her mother and bought Racer Plus wheelchair of Akces-MED (Poland) manufacture that will serve Darina at least 3 years.

Skalomobil Project Works in Pavlodar
Views: 367 | 29-01-2015 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

Recently a worker of Saby Foundation visited Pavlodar where he met with the Head of the Pavlodar City Society of Physically Challenged Persons, which is a beneficiary of the Foundation and within the framework of Decent Life for Disabled People project in 2011 received two Invataxi cars and stepper stair lift as a gift from Saby Foundation.

Georgii Chetverikov, the chairman of the Society, said that thanks to the gift from 2012 the city launched a new kind of free services for wheelchair users. Now physically challenged people are not only driven by free Invataxi but also the drivers of social services help them to overcome the staircases. Thus all the conditions for self-realization and integration of people with limited mobility are established in Pavlodar.


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