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Saby Charitable Foundation, 2014 year
Views: 774 | 26-12-2014 | Annual reports

For the Saby Charitable Foundation 2014 became the year of intermediate summation, current projects restructuring and new borders finding.

Saby Charitable Foundation 2013
Views: 867 | 20-12-2013 | Annual reports

Regular annual report about the activity of Saby Charitable Foundation, which we represent on the pages of our web site on the eve of New Year, shows the increasing activity volume practically in all implemented projects.


The young people of Kazakhstan take an active interest to the Alem Young Talents Support Program. A growing number of applications from potential grant receivers, who can learn about the Program from our web site, from thematic advertisement in school printed publications, from informative leaflets distributed by the employees of the Foundation during objective business trips to the distant regions of our country as well as from children who had already found themselves in the number of the Alem participants. The main expectancy of children is to receive educational grants. The selection to the Alem Program is the most serious, only best of the best ones receive the opportunity of education in prestigious universities of our country and foreign countries.
Also the great popularity has the Annual Poetical Contest in the state language, declared by Saby Foundation within the framework of the Alem Program. And the printed collection of the best works, selected in the result of this creative competition, became the true literary event, because the copies of the book were sent to hundreds of school libraries all through the country.

Saby Charitable Foundation 2012
Views: 914 | 27-12-2012 | Annual reports

2012 has been a significant year for Saby Foundation. We celebrated the 10th anniversary of our organization. We organized a large-scale social and cultural campaign called Nomads Way in New-York which included a charity auction and an exhibition. We issued a book of poems composed by young Kazakh poets in the national language. The number of sports venues erected by the Foundation in childrens social institutions reached 26. The number of specialized invataxi vehicles donated to societies of the disabled people of Kazakhstan reached 52; they were given to 16 towns of the country. The total amount of donations collected through an SMS donation campaign called Save the Childrens Life exceeded US$ 2,570,000 at the end of the year; help was rendered to 374 children. The number of young people who have finished or are still studying in higher and vocational educational institutions at the expense of the Foundation is more than 70.

27 young talented people from throughout the country were awarded Saby grants in different nominations. Construction of a new modern orphanage in Kyzylorda fully equipped for comfortable living of children continued. Help was rendered to two public health organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the framework of the medical project.

Before the New Year we traditionally present a report on activities of the Foundation in all approved project continuing to thank all our friends, partners, philanthropists without whose invaluable help we wouldnt have reached such significant results.

Saby Charitable Foundation 2011
Views: 1218 | 28-12-2011 | Annual reports

The year 2011 is special and significant for the Saby Charitable Foundation, which has celebrated 9-year anniversary of its activity and has come to the end of a decade. This period has been marked by strenuous and effective work under previously approved permanent projects and new projects and programmes developed in this year.

The end of the year is a traditional period for summing up; therefore, on the threshold of New Years holidays we would like to analyze our annual activities.

Youth Project

The Youth Project was developed by the Saby Foundation in 2011. This was a pilot project launched for the purpose of solving problems related to integration of graduates of orphanages into society. A possibility of rendering assistance to young people orphans in solving a difficult problem of purchasing their own apartments on preferential terms is considered within the framework of the Project. At that, the following condition is essential: this is not a trivial scheme a benefactor gives and a beneficiary receives, but a long-lasting and hard work on the part of a recipient. The system makes guys think, work hard during many years forming a stable habit of a sensible and responsible approach to life formation. Applicants for getting apartments may be only full orphans at the age of more than 23 years old, who have got education and permanent job.

Saby Charitable Foundation 2010
Views: 1375 | 29-12-2010 | Annual reports

The end of the year is a traditional time for summing up the results weve achieved the time to analyze the work weve done, to evaluate both our successful and failed projects.
On the threshold of New Year holidays the Saby Charitable Foundation is now making the detailed analysis of its annual activities. And we have done a lot this year: we have continued working on the Projects being preliminary accepted and approved including the new programs we have developed and started implementing this year.

The Project "Decent Life for Disabled Persons

The project "Decent Life for Disabled Persons is one of the most important Projects being arranged by our Foundation.


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