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The opening of the game Park by Aselle Tasmagambetova
Views: 362 | 11-08-2017 | Sport-Health-Achievement

I am pleased to tell, that building of new large municipal childrens playground in Atyrau is completed!
Our Fund donated it to the city and now all children and their parents can visit this place of fun, joy and wonderful entertainments, called Saby Alemi, free of charge at any time.

The most diverseplay structures for children of all ages from toddlers to teenagers making attempts are placed on the area equal to 1,800 sq. m.Disabled children were not gone unnoticed. A special complex with entrance ramp is built for them. Thousands of children can play, swing, climb, slide down, rise, mount, run, jump, play with sand, throw a ball and do many other things all at onceon this large ground. After all, sports and games are essential components of childs healthy and harmonious development, which focustheiractivity on right things. This playground became the 44th and the hugest object built by Saby Fund under the Sports-Health-Achievements project, and Atyrau is the 12th city of Kazakhstan, which became projects beneficiary.

Seeing, that our playground became such a popular place, Saby Alemi, before its official opening, hopes that similar islands of childrens happiness will appear in other regions as well with the help of municipal government.

Sincerely yours,
Asel Tasmagambetova

Saby Foundation will build a playground in the City of Atyrau
Views: 327 | 30-11-2016 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Saby Foundation will build a playground in the City of Atyrau One of the main goals of the Saby Charitable Foundation is to create the best possible conditions for raising children. In order to facilitate this Foundation constructs modern high-quality children's playgrounds in various cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 35 already commissioned playgrounds and sports facilities allow children to spend time with profit to their health.

In November 2016 a memorandum regarding the construction of the modern children's playground as the part of the Sports Health Achievements project have been signed by the local administration of the City of Atyrau. Playground shall be constructed in City of Atyrau, at the address Satpayev Street 19.

In May 2017 a huge playground complex with the total area of approximately 2000 square meters, equipped with brand new swings, ropes, carousels, bars, slides, exercise equipment and the integrated zone for children who suffer from muscle-skeleton disorders shall become available to all children and teens of the City of Atyrau.

Charity visit from the UK
Views: 343 | 16-09-2016 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Charity visit from the UK Good children's playground is the key to the correct physical and sometimes creative development for children of all ages. Charity Foundation "Saby" regularly works on that the childhood of talented children from poor families and children left in the care of orphanages passed correctly. In this regard, the regular programs for the development of playgrounds in different cities of Kazakhstan are conducted.

The last time, the sports ground of the Children's home No. 1 in Almaty was repaired 8 years ago. Since then, the sports and play equipment was worn. To help to perform a major overhaul of the site, the unusual guests came to the orphanage - 13 gifted children from the oldest British school for boys Harrow School. Within a week, Almaty guys and their guests shared their skill at needlework, became acquainted with the life and traditions of the two countries, as well as helped to lay a new rubber coating on the playground of the children's home. Overhaul became possible due to the donation of parents from 13 pupils of the Harrow School.

The desire to do good deeds and help children sometimes unites people not only from different cities, but from different countries also. We again were convinced in that and made a real holiday for the children!

Sports project of the Fund Saby again in Aktobe
Views: 310 | 27-07-2016 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Last year in Aktobe our Fund put into operation two sports facilities - a multipurpose sports field in Aktiubinskiy regional youth house and a children's playground in Special correctional school No 7. These objects have become a real present not only for the wards of these institutions, but also for children from other social organizations in the neighborhood, and for all the children living nearby.

Therefore address of the management of Aktiubinskiy regional special (correctional) boarding college for children with hearing disorders with a request to install the same playing field for their wards, to give them the opportunity to play in ones own backyard, but not to run into another school was not surprising for us.

The Fund Saby could not refuse such a request. And soon another play set with swings, roundabouts, seesaw, slides, climbing frames and exercise equipment to maintain physical fitness will appear in Aktobe.

New Sport Facility in Petropavlovsk
Views: 322 | 22-06-2016 | Sport-Health-Achievement

New Sport Facility in Petropavlovsk Children playground in the Adaptation Center for Underage Children in Petropavlovsk, North-Kazakhstan region, about which we had written earlier , has been put in commission.

We planned to complete the works as far back as in May, but weather conditions surprised the whole Kazakhstan this year, allow to make it only now.

Little fosterlings of the Adaptation Center received as the present a playground with carousel, exercise bike, play structure with safe rubber cover.

This is the 33rd facility, built by Saby Foundation within the frameworks of the Sport Project.


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