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Views: 383 | 23-01-2013 | History of success

Dear Friends,

Beginning from this year we open two new headings “Wisdom of Great Persons” and “History of success” on the pages of our web site, where we will publish articles about interesting people, life histories of prominent figures, extracts and quotations from inestimable papers of classicists and contemporaries. We think that the guests of our web site will be interested to contemplate about the sense of imperishable phrases and texts, unique stories of remarkable persons’ life establishing, descriptions of their complex ways to their achievements will inspire our readers to great performances.

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Sam Walton – the King of Retail Sales
Views: 482 | 18-04-2016 | History of success

Sam Walton – the King of Retail Sales “I have never been thoughtful and never lived in the past. On the contrary, incredible passion for fight has always been my distinctive quality. This feature supported me to keep my head above water, making me to live only in the future, in upcoming events.”

Today it is hard to surprise anyone with abundance of goods in the supermarkets, different promo-actions, presentations and sell-outs – all of this firmly established in our everyday life. However, not everybody knows that majority of things, which look so essential at large areas of “city of abundance”, was created and developed by Sam Walton.

Samuel Moore Walton (1918-1992) was born on 29 March 1918 in Kingfisher town, Oklahoma, in the family of farmers Tomas Gibson Walton and Nan Walton.

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Tale of Ray Charles: How an Orphan Became Prince
Views: 469 | 20-11-2015 | History of success

Tale of Ray Charles: How an Orphan Became Prince “I do not understand why you, sighted people, have so narrow look at the world? Open your eyes, I beg you. I am ready to absorb life like a sponge ...”

We present to our readers Ray Charles – the legendary American composer and singer who made “soul music”. This music – is not just a cocktail of psalms and blues, but a musician’s heart that sings and which he gives people completely selflessly.

In US National Archives the American Millennium Time Capsule is stored. It is filled with objects that symbolize the world of the late twentieth century. When in 2100 the descendants reveal it, they will find a helmet of World War II soldier, a piece of the Berlin Wall ... Among other things, there will be a pair of Ray Charles’ glasses.

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Ранние годы, детство и семья
Рэй Чарльз появился на свет 23 сентября 1930 года в городе Олбани штата Джорджия. Его семья была очень бедна, а потому с самых ранних лет будущий великий музыкант привык к безденежью и постоянным лишениям. Отец Рэя оставил семью, бросив своих двоих сыновей на попечение матери и бабушки, и практически не принимал участия в жизни своих детей, появляясь в их доме от силы раз в год.

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Jack Andraka – Young Genius
Views: 634 | 22-07-2015 | History of success

Jack Andraka – Young Genius Jack Thomas Andraka (born January 8, 1997 in Maryland, USA) - is an American inventor and scientist. At the age of 16, he became widely known as the founder of innovative diagnostic of such oncology disease as the pancreatic cancer. Theoretically, the method may be developed for another form of cancer.

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A sweet success story of Michele Ferrero
Views: 327 | 01-04-2015 | History of success

A sweet success story of Michele Ferrero  He did not give interviews, made a public appearance only in dark glasses and worked much in the laboratory inventing new kinds of sweets. The richest Italian with a fortune of 26.5 billion of dollars, who invented Nutella pasta, Kinder chocolate eggs and Raffaello candies. His education was limited to a Catholic school and even when he became richer, he did not receive MBA diploma and till the end of his life he spoke a local dialect. All this is he- Michele Ferrero (April 26,1925, Dogliani, Italy – February 14, 2015, Monaco).

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