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Dear Friends,

Beginning from this year we open two new headings Wisdom of Great Persons and History of success on the pages of our web site, where we will publish articles about interesting people, life histories of prominent figures, extracts and quotations from inestimable papers of classicists and contemporaries. We think that the guests of our web site will be interested to contemplate about the sense of imperishable phrases and texts, unique stories of remarkable persons life establishing, descriptions of their complex ways to their achievements will inspire our readers to great performances.

Quotes from books by Isaac Asimov
Views: 343 | 23-09-2016 | Wisdom of the Great

Quotes from books by Isaac Asimov Isaac Asimov (Isaac Asimov, born Isaak Yudovich Ozimov; January 2, 1920, Petrovichi, Shumyachsky district, Smolensk region, Russian SFSR, - April 6, 1992, New York, U.S.) was an American science-fiction writer popularizer of science, a biochemist.

Author of about 500 books, mainly fiction (primarily in the science fiction genre, but also in other genres: fantasy, detective, humor), and popular-scientific (in a variety of fields - from astronomy and genetics to the history and literature studies).

Probably, it is difficult to find someone who has read all the books by Isaac Asimov, so we offer you the most memorable quotes from his best works:

[right]there is no way around from uncertainty principle. A mistake is always possible, moreover, even imminent.
Take a Match

Simple commandments of Janusz Korczak
Views: 388 | 03-08-2016 | Wisdom of the Great

Simple commandments of Janusz Korczak Janusz Korczak (Janusz Korczak; autonym Hersh Henryk Goldszmit; 22 July 1878 , Warsaw 6 August 1942, Treblinka).

Poland gave to the world Janusz Korczak the talented educator, writer and medical doctor.
This man lived in accordance with his pedagogical principles and died without breaking them although the fate gave him three times a chance for salvation.

First, Korczak did not leave the territory of Poland on the eve of the country's occupation by Nazi troops, unwilling to turn adrift the inmates of the "House of orphans." In 1940 Korczak with the children of foster home was caught in a ghetto at Warsaw. Then fans of Korczaks talent wanted to arrange his escape, but he rejected such proposals. The third time, fate gave him a chance at salvation before sending the train to the extermination camp. When the train was ready to depart a Nazi officer entered to the train. He approached to Korczak and asked:
Are you Janusz Korczak? In my childhood I liked to read your book King Matt the First. The train may go without you.
What will become of the children?
They will be taken to the camp. And you are free. You may get out of the car.
No, I will not do it. Do not look on all the people as scoundrels.

Advice of Wise Elder Laozi
Views: 502 | 25-03-2016 | Wisdom of the Great

Advice of Wise Elder Laozi Laozi (Laozi, Old Child, Wise Elder) is a legendary philosopher-thinker who lived in the VI-Vth centuries B.C.E. He is considered to be the author of the Taote Ching (The Book of the Way and Its Virtue) - classic Taoist philosophical treatise, the founder of religious and philosophical Taoism, though today many scientists are skeptical about his historicity.

Laozi was a contemporary of Confucius and his opponent, and a very significant wise man of the Chinese culture as well. Although the historicity of Laozi is doubtful, the respect of Taoist schools for him cannot be overestimated.

Laozis sayings popular with Taoist schoolers:

About truth: "He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know".

About knowledge: "No knowledge; thats why I do not know anything".

About abstinence: "This is the first stage of virtue which is the beginning of moral perfection".

Nick Vujicic: "Always find the strength to rise"
Views: 662 | 07-10-2015 | Wisdom of the Great

Nick Vujicic: "Always find the strength to rise" A unique man Nick Vujicic, who was born without arms and legs, became the inspiration for hundreds of thousands of people around the world . He enraptures with his fortitude, faith and endless love for life. And makes you wonder why we, quite healthy people , do not notice the simple everyday pleasures that make up the concept of "happiness".

Nick Vujicic learned how to be happy for a long time and he succeeded. Now he shares his secrets in his book "Life Without Limits".

Here are some quotes of this remarkable man, which call for courage, give hope and fill us with self-confidence:


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