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The Youth Project - Unconditional Result
Views: 392 | 15-07-2016 | Youth Project

The Youth Project - Unconditional Result The Youth project of Saby Charitable Foundation, launched five years ago as a pilot project, has announced the results.

The boarding school leavers of Almaty city, for one reason or another not passed the selection to the state program of provision of housing for orphan children, were not left without a roof over their heads and thanks to Saby Foundation received their chance to acquire flats on preferable terms. In fact, the conditions of our project are more than available. The participants should have confirmed their university degree and labour experience not less than a year, as well as had excellent employment reference letters and letters of recommendation from social institutions, where they lived at that point in time.

Then the Foundation paid to the Housing Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan the initial contribution in the amount of 50% from the cost of a flat in Almaty and the remaining sum was provided by the bank at a low rate 5.6%.

Therefore, all participants of the "Youth" project received their own housing. Most of them have already moved in and had housewarming parties, some participants expect to receive the keys from precious flats in the nearest time.

Our Response for a Housing Question
Views: 349 | 27-01-2016 | Youth Project

Our Response for a Housing Question Housing question, which complicates lives of boarding school leavers, is successfully resolved within the framework of the Youth Project of Saby Charitable Foundation.

Certainly, we cannot boast a wide-scale distribution of flats to all people in need. Our foundation renders assistance only to those children, who, for reasons beyond control, did not meet the requirements of the state program of housing provision for orphan children.

The Youth project is a pilot project and makes strict requirements for the applicants. In addition, the project gives a chance to almost desperate people to acquire their own house.

To the present time, 8 out of 9 participants of the project have become the possessors of desired square meters thanks to the established cooperation between Saby, Zhilstroysberbank of Kazakhstan and Almaty boarding school leavers.

Triple housewarming
Views: 446 | 11-11-2015 | Youth Project

Triple housewarming During the summer and autumn of this year, as many as three members of the "Youth" Project became owners of their apartments after all the necessary legal procedures for its legalization.

Two guys have obtained the desired square meters in new buildings thanks to participation in the pools on formation and distribution of apartments through JSC "Zhilstroysberbank of Kazakhstan". Another guy bought a two-bedroom apartment on the secondary market.

The "Youth" Project of the "Saby" Charitable Foundation exists since 2011, it gives the possibility for graduates of the Almaty's orphanages to buy apartments on preferential terms.

One More Participant in the Youth Project
Views: 374 | 15-04-2015 | Youth Project

The Youth project of Saby Foundation makes a great contribution in the process of social adaptation of orphaned children of the South capital by offering the opportunity to acquire owner-occupied dwelling on favourable conditions for those who cannot count upon state programs for a number of reasons.

The former of an Almaty boarding school leaver became the next participant of the project. Not passed the contest of dwelling distribution because of her age (she is already 30 years old), she almost despaired.

For all that she chose her lucky ticket and, thanks to the primary contribution in the amount of 50% of the cost of one-roomed flat paid by our Foundation, she will soon become the possessor of her own dwelling.

The Second Housewarming within the Youth Project
Views: 394 | 27-11-2014 | Youth Project

The Second Housewarming within the Youth Project Recently we have been to a housewarming party at the former pupil of one of Almaty orphan homes, being now a participant of the Youth project of Saby Foundation. The girl acquired an apartment within a pool of Zhilstroysberbank. Her spacious one-room apartment is located in a new building in Alatau district of Almaty.

This became possible due to initial contribution of 20,000 USD transferred to the bank by our Foundation within the abovementioned project. Very soon its next participants will cross the threshold of their own homes.

New housewarming is almost on the doorstep.


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