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Together We Will Help Arianna
18-09-2012 17:12 | Targeted assistance

A few days ago Saby Charitable Foundation was addressed to help a little girl from Almaty. From the letter we learnt a very sad story about a charming baby, born in a young family of the Tsarevs ten years ago, given also a beautiful name – Arianna. The girl grew healthy, clever and active to the joy of her parents. But when Arianna was 4 years old, during an outdoor recreation, she was bitten by a mite. The parents immediately brought her to the hospital but the encephalitogen, which appeared later, for some reason was not found at that moment.

Since then, the time for the Tsarevs was divided between before and after the fatal day. One more year had passed before the doctors made the final conclusion – encephalitis of enteroviral etiology. The girl’s relatives began facing numerous problems, they were more often told unknown medical terms meaning complications as a consequence of the untimely treatment of the infection. The girl’s health is getting worse and worse, every day she suffers, almost does not move, see and speak.

During six years of an unequal struggle with the disease the family spent all savings and sold their property. Besides, not being able to overcome such psychological stress, the couple broke up. The mother was left quite alone and being struck by such sorrow is not able to cover expenses for the treatment.
Our Foundation could not remain indifferent to Arianna’s fate. And though the approved projects of the organization do not involve rendering of targeted support, the management of Saby Charitable Foundation decided to allocate a sum of money sufficient at least for one stage of the girl’s rehabilitation treatment.

We wish the mother not to lose courage and, having strung herself up, to pass this difficult life examination and win.

For those who want to help little Arianna, we post the bank account number specially opened for money transfers or you can address our employees by the contacts given on the website. We thank you very much in advance!

For transfers in tenge:
Beneficiary: Tsareva Tatyana Vladimirovna
Beneficiary’s TIN: 600318744309
Account number in Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC: KZ786010002004093418
Bank’s TIN: 600400055239
Bank’s BIN: 960941000145

For transfers in currency (USD):
Beneficiary: Tsareva Tatyana Vladimirovna
Beneficiary’s TIN: 600318744309
Account number in KASPI BANK JSC: KZ10722R000023340434

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