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Please Note Card Catalogue of Alem Participants
21-11-2012 16:43 | Alem support of young talents

Please Note  Card Catalogue of Alem Participants Having started the Alem Young Talents Support Program two years ago we, at the same time, created on website the card catalogue of personal data of Alem participants, which includes the forms of best participants.

Alem Base is the interactive space for information sharing and interfacing between talented young people and persons, who are interested directly in their achievements, potential employers, producers, investors. The portal has 5 sections: Great Stage, Captured Image, Young Specialists, Inquisitive Mind and Physical Culture in which the applicants can widely present their talents, skills, experience and publish other important information on their personal web pages.

From all received requests no more than 10 % of resume of most interesting and perspective young persons, according to Alem Program experts opinion, are showed on the site. Rarely, the forms of applicants, who do not receive grants from Saby Foundation for one reason or another, but who are worth in the highest degree, are listed.

Such electronic card catalogue can become an efficient instrument in establishing of communicative contacts corresponding the requests and expectations of all interested parties.

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