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28-11-2012 16:55 | Educational project

With Saby Trip Ticket to Life Traditionally, we publish information about the Educational Project of Saby Nonprofit Private Charitable Foundation in autumn.

In 2012 -2013 due to the grants of the Foundation 33 teenagers from orphanages and boarding schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan are educated in colleges and universities. Earlier 38 boys and girls have already graduated educational institutions and got qualifications.

12 teenagers from 3 orphanages of Almaty city and Almaty region have started their 8 month trainings for CNT preparation.

Annual two-stage computer testing of professional orientation are continued, the first stage of which was held in October, and the second stage will be in February of the next year. Professional testing is very popular among seniors; no less than 70 people take part in it regularly.

Year by year the requirements to grant receivers become more serious on the part of Saby Foundation. Educational process is strictly controlled by manager of the Project. Special attention is paid to childrens academic progress and attendance of lessons.

The adequate attitude of mentees to our stipulations and their understanding of the fact that the Foundation does not dish out money, but tries to teach them to be responsible, industrious, and purposeful as well as to direct them on the right way of development, is gladdened.

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