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Invataxi Car Fleet Has Increased Up To 62 Cars
13-02-2013 15:51 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

Invataxi Car Fleet Has Increased Up To 62 Cars This year the Decent Life for Disabled People Project celebrates its 5 year anniversary. The system of free transport services for people of 1 and 2 disability groups with musculoskeletal problems works well and gives benefit to society. The lists of categories of the citizens, who can use Invataxi services, are established in city departments of employment and social programs. On the basis of social institutions, where special car fleets are located, dispatching services work and accept requests for transportations. Disabled people can go for study and work, visit medical institutions, cultural and sport events.

The indicator of the wide development of Invataxi is Internet. You can type in any searching web site this word and see the hundreds of references to the articles about realization of this project, work of transport services and fates of passengers. More than 100,000 of transportations were fulfilled during 2012.

From this year the quantity of users will increase at least to 20%, as Saby Charitable Foundation has already purchased 10 specialized cars of Volkswagen mark. The period of their production and re-equipping in Germany and delivery to Almaty will take about 6 months and in summer we will receive new cars ready for granting to the societies of disabled people in regions of Kazakhstan.

As a result, within the framework of the Decent Life for Disabled People Project, 62 units of cars were purchased for transportation of wheelchair persons from 20 cities of Kazakhstan.

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