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With thanks, your Saby Fund
22-07-2013 16:08 | Terminal

With thanks, your Saby Fund Peer at figures of daily report on receipts to current account of donations from benefactors, we begin to think constantly that one man allowed time in his undoubtedly tight schedule, came to bank or QIWI payment terminal and transfer money for kindness. He made that simply from the heart do not waiting anything in return. We even cannot extend elementary words of gratitude to this man, you know that the payments arrive without contacts of the sender.

What a pity! We want so much to make acquaintance personally with everyone and say thank you for tender heart and responsiveness, for active life philosophy and doings changing to the good the heavy destinies of other people.

Our philanthropists, through your kind involvement, Saby Fund realizes the most trailblazing, serious and important projects. Our Fund is only a bridge through which you assistance and support are going where they are needed most of all.

Even though we can express our gratitude only virtually, feel certain that every tenge is valued in our organization and when we receive another charitable contribution from you, we send you mentally thousands of wishes of health, luck and well-being!

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