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In Expectation of Invataxi
25-07-2013 15:30 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

In Expectation of Invataxi We want to inform you that the part of invataxi cars, purchased by Saby Foundation within the framework of Decent Life for Disabled People project, have been delivered in Almaty. It is 5 out of 10 new Volkswagen cars, which have been equipped taking into account people needs, who use wheelchairs.

Usually, it is necessary to expect each lot of cars, supplied from factory of Germany, during 6 months. This delivery turned out to be a little faster. Presently, cars are on customs clearance and pre-sales preparation.

The rest 5 cars are expected in the mid-August. After the execution of the appropriate documents, Societies of Disabled People of Taldykorgan, Turkestan, Zheskazgan, Petropavlovsk and Almaty can receive two units of Invataxi to start the work of free transportation services rendering for people with especial movement difficulties.

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