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Saby at Home of Kazakhstan Football
23-09-2013 14:56 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Saby at Home of Kazakhstan Football The opening of multifunctional sport ground, built on account of Saby Charitable Foundation in the territory of boarding school No. 4 for children with ear problems in Semei city on the 20th of September, turned into a real holiday. The present event was included into the city program of 100-anniversary celebration of Kazakhstan football, with a view of which the city was overtaken with football ethereal during 3 days.

Fosterlings of the boarding school tested the new sport ground already before its official opening and stayed very happy. Young sportsmen liked the modern cover “artificial grass”, which is not hazardous as asphalt and does not kick up dust as ground. And indeed, it is nicely to glance at the ground transformed beyond recognition.

Notwithstanding the cold weather, pupils, teacher, honored guests of the institution gathered on the new athletic field on the day of presentation. The especial admiration was focused on the veterans and players of famous football teams.

The red ribbon was solemnly cut, multicolored symbolic balls were set flying to the sky and many good wishes and congratulations were told to children and all Semei citizens. Especial gratitude was expressed to Saby Foundation for such wonderful present for the city. By the way, the present sport object is the 29th in succession, built by our Foundation in the territory of Kazakhstan and the 5th one, built exactly in the East Kazakhstan Region.

The logical continuation of the holiday became the whistle of the referee, which meant the beginning of the XIV Tournament of mini-football among the fosterlings of boarding schools, traditionally held in the territory of boarding school No. 4 year by year.

We wish success and support all. We are for the beautiful sport!

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