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Saby Charitable Foundation 2013
20-12-2013 18:45 | Annual reports

Regular annual report about the activity of Saby Charitable Foundation, which we represent on the pages of our web site on the eve of New Year, shows the increasing activity volume practically in all implemented projects.


The young people of Kazakhstan take an active interest to the Alem Young Talents Support Program. A growing number of applications from potential grant receivers, who can learn about the Program from our web site, from thematic advertisement in school printed publications, from informative leaflets distributed by the employees of the Foundation during objective business trips to the distant regions of our country as well as from children who had already found themselves in the number of the Alem participants. The main expectancy of children is to receive educational grants. The selection to the Alem Program is the most serious, only best of the best ones receive the opportunity of education in prestigious universities of our country and foreign countries.
Also the great popularity has the Annual Poetical Contest in the state language, declared by Saby Foundation within the framework of the Alem Program. And the printed collection of the best works, selected in the result of this creative competition, became the true literary event, because the copies of the book were sent to hundreds of school libraries all through the country.

in 2013
- January- June the Third Poetical Contest in the state language was announced, according to the results of which the winner of the contest had been revealed, the winner became Baituganova Orynai from Qyzylorda region, the grand prize notebook;
- April Kanat Baisekeyev became the happy possessor of international educational grant for education in the famous New York Cinema Academy;
- September - printed collection of the best works according to the results of the Third Poetical Contest had been published;
Virtual version of the collection is placed on the site of Alem Program,;
- September publication of the works of laureates of the Third Poetical Contest in Baldyrgan magazine and Ulan newspaper;
- for 2013-2014 academic year three persons have become the possessors of educational grants in the best universities of Kazakhstan.

The Project lasts for 4 years, more than 50 Kazakhstan cities and villages were covered, 600 applications were processed, 33 grants from Saby Foundation according to the Alem Program, two foreign of them, were provided

One can get acquainted with the Project implementation final results for the whole period here

Within the frames of Orkendeu Construction Project, Saby Foundation has dealt with improvement of welfare in the national children's social institutions since 2002, by the way of their premises overhaul repairs, reconstructions and equipment.
Besides, to create the maximum home-like accommodation conditions for the social institution foster-children, the Foundation is busy with construction of new modern buildings and structures since 2010, including all stages starting with selection of design and architecture and finishing with complete equipment of premises and the adjacent landscape development.

In 2013 -
- within the frames of Orkendeu project the new building of the Infant Orphanage in Qyzylorda city was designed, built and commissioned at the beginning of 2013. The building, all-equipped with the things needed, with an area of 1800 sq.m. and the adjacent grounds of 0.7 ha, is intended for 60 orphans aged below 4 years old lodging;
- at present the raising of funds for construction of the Family-type children's home in Astana city, where from 100 to 140 foster-children orphans will live in a warm home environment. The cottage sketch plan has been developed this year.

The Project lasts for 11 years, 8 social institutions are covered in 3 RK regions, 8 objects were constructed and repaired

One can get acquainted with the Project implementation final results for the whole period here

The disabled people deserve decent living standards Project operates successfully in all Kazakhstan regions. The dedicated, based on the municipal societies of the disabled, free-of-charge Invataxi transport services, that Saby Foundation provided with purpose-designed vehicles, equipped with hydraulic elevators for invalid's wheel chairs, deliver transportation services in 20 RK cities already. This year the total vehicle park, purchased by the Foundation and donated to the societies of the disabled, was supplemented by 10 items of Invataxi emergency vehicles, and reached 62 pieces.
The number of mobile stairlifts, intended for lifting and descending of people with invalid's wheel chairs up and down the building stairs, also increased by 4 items and reached 19 pieces. They are designed to improve the transportation services rendered by Invataxi.
Besides, 14 sets of computer equipment go on operating to provide the dispatcher service activities.
This year the Invataxi Project, developed and realized by Saby Foundation since 2008, is supported at the RK Ministry of Labour and Social Protection level. Thereof, the RK Ministry of Transport and Communications approved Rules for the provision of services provided for the disabled people by the vehicle transport. Now, the Invataxi service activity, development and funding will be unified all over the country.

In 2013 -
- 10 Invataxi vehicles are purchased and donated to the societies of the disabled from 5 Kazakhstan cities: Taldykorgan, Dhezkazgan, Turkestan, Petropavlovsk and Almaty
Volkswagen Caddy 4 pcs;
Volkswagen Caddy 6 pcs;
- 4 mobile stairlifts and donated to the societies of the disabled from the cities: Taldykorgan, Dhezkazgan, Petropavlovsk, Turkestan.

The Project lasts for 5 years. Totally 62 Volkswagen vehicles were purchased, 19 stairlifts and 14 sets of computer equipment in 20 RK cities for 43 000 disabled people

One can get acquainted with the Project implementation final results for the whole period here

Education Project one of the first and basic Saby Foundation projects. It is proven and adapted for the needs of orphans to the uttermost. It is already for 11 years that the Saby have been concerned with the fate and fortunes of children from the sponsored children's homes at all stages of their development. During school year the mindset trainings on personality coercion, with qualified psychologists' attraction, are organized for children, the computer-based occupational guidance tests are conducted two times per year, then, having chosen the profession, the foster-children, all the year round, attend the tutoring classes on preparation for UNT (Unified National Test) , and, following the educational institution entrance, they receive the educational grants on study from the Foundation. Besides, the training workshops are conducted also for boarding school personnel to improve their skills when working with abnormal children.

In 2013 -
- April the second stage of personnel training courses of the Infant Orphanage in Qyzylorda city on work with foster-children after M. Montessori infant development teaching technique with Montessori-pedagogue, trainer of Inter-Regional Montessori - Association, Revda city, the Russian Federation, was organized; 15 people passed the training;
- February, October - at the following stages of the annual 120 foster-children from the sponsored children's social institutions took part in occupational guidance tests;
- October - the 8 month classes on preparation for UNT for graduating high school students from Almaty sponsored childrens homes were renewed;
- November - the yearly subscription for printed materials of Baldyrgan magazine and Ulan newspaper was booked for 33 RK children's social institutions;
- during the Education Project implementation more than 50 persons were trained and received professions from among foster-children and children, without parental care;
- at present 32 persons from the country children homes and boarding schools study in the secondary specialized colleges and higher education establishments according to Saby Foundation educational grants.

The Project lasts for 11 years, 10 children's social institutions were covered from 5 Kazakhstan regions, the total number of foster-children 1400 people

One can get acquainted with the Project implementation final results for the whole period here

Sport-Health-Achievements Project, started in 2002, occupies a specific place in the Foundation activity; its objective is to provide the children's home and boarding school foster-children with full sports training, for, eventually, the sport gives not only physical health, but also maintains spiritual strength, self-discipline, aiming at gaining the assigned tasks. To implement this program Saby Foundation developed a plan on construction of modern, technically equipped sport complexes for teenagers, construction of functional game grounds for small children, as well as repair and reconstruction of existing sport objects in the republic children's homes and boarding schools.
Up to now there were:
- built 16 sports grounds;
- repaired 2 gymnasiums;
- constructed 11 children's playgrounds.

In 2013 -
- June - the multifunctional sports ground with the area of 450 sq. m. for playing indoor soccer, basket-ball, volley-ball with special injury safe artificially turfed covering and unshaded flood lighting in Kazakh State University Family Type Children's House No 8, Semey city was commissioned;
- June Children's play ground Ksil with the area of 200 m² in Kazakh State University Boarding School No 3 for starblind children, East Kazakhstan Oblast, Semey city was commissioned;
- July the multifunctional sports ground with the area of 450 sq. m. for playing indoor soccer, basket-ball, volley-ball with special injury safe artificially turfed covering and unshaded flood lighting in Kazakh State University Special boarding school No 4 for starblind children, Semey city was commissioned.

The Project lasts for 11 years. 29 sports objects in 20 social institutions of 10 RK cities for 3 000 children were built

One can get acquainted with the Project implementation final results for the whole period here

Medical Project was launched by Saby Foundation in 2002. It has suffered substantial changes during this period. At the start of its implementation there was a complicated economical situation in the country and the medical institutions were in a very difficult state without adequate support on the state side. Then, the maintenance from the charitable foundations, in particular, Saby Foundation, was of inestimable strategic importance for us. Now, the situation has changed dramatically. Huge financial means are annually in-flowed into the medical cluster from the Central Government Budget, thus, providing the healthcare institutions with the latest high-technology equipment and instrumentation.
Under these conditions the importance of the private capital has transformed. At present the financial support on the side of foundations is required only in extreme cases, when this or that equipment for the medical institutes is in urgent need, but the complicated system of public procurement does not enable to purchase it within a short time.
Exactly, in such cases, Saby Foundation, within the frames of its Medical Project, considers the beneficiaries' applications.

In 2013 -
- Karakastek Infant Orphanage an air-warming drawer for medical instrumentation and utensils sterilization and disinfection, as well as sterilizing drums were donated by the Foundation;
- Qyzylorda Infant Orphanage was donated an apparatus for physiotherapy treatment of children suffering the diseases of the nervous system, as well as set of manual masseur were donated by the Foundation;
- targeted social assistance - the multi-year sponsorship of Nikita, suffering ICP hard case, the food-stuff and necessary medicines were purchased for his family.

Project lasts for 11 years, covered 17 healthcare facilities in 8 Republic cities,
290 000 patients became the Project beneficiaries

One can get acquainted with the Project implementation final results for the whole period here

The Young People Project has worked since 2011. It is directed at the solution one of the most important problems of graduating high school students from the children's homes, who are full orphans, consisting in their integration into social medium, housing problem.
The Project has the pilot status as yet. 8 teenagers from CA&PVSU Dzhastar yui, KSU obtained a unique opportunity to purchase the owner-occupied dwelling through a system of savings for housing construction, due to initial instalment 50% of one-room flat value in Almaty, that Saby Foundation transferred to each juvenile on his(her) special settlement account.
Three years running the Project participants make their savings in JSC Zhylstroysberbank Kazakhstan in order to receive the key from their proper flats in the near future.

In 2013 -
- two participants of the Young People Project obtained an opportunity to buy the flats in Almaty in the fist half next year by the way of participation in the Vendees and Tenants Pool.

The Project total number of beneficiaries - 8 persons

One can get acquainted with the Project implementation final results for the whole period here

The SMS Campaign Donate Life to Children is a common project of DOM Foundation and Saby Foundation dealing with collection of means for funding operations and treatment of children, suffering diseases immedicable in Kazakhstan, in the foreign hospitals. The Project lasts for 7 years.
Each user of mobile services rendered by Beeline and Kcell communication providers, who wishes to help, can transfer 280 Tenge from his phone card account, by simply sending a short message with figure 1 and dialling number 8099. All funds are accumulated on a dedicated open settlement account that, by the campaign condition, cannot be withdrawn. The account enables to make only bank transfers directly to the healthcare facilities based on concluded agreement on the Kazakh children treatment.

As of the end of 2013 the amount of collected funds and paid-out operations according to Campaign Donate Life to Children made almost USD 5 178 474. Owing to the efforts of many people and entities, 677 children from different cities and regions of the Republic received donations. And the donations go on arriving, thus, saving our young fellow countrymen's lives.

One can get acquainted with the Project implementation final results for the whole period here

Our rewards

In 2013 -
The President of Saby Charitable Foundation Tasmagambetova Assel Imangaliyevna was awarded with the Certificate of Honour granted by Qyzylorda Akim for sincere care, exercised about children of the region.

Information about all our awards one can read here

Collection of funds

Our sincere gratitude to everyone, who, in one way or other somehow, takes part in our Foundation activities. Our appreciations for help and support!
We are ready to report on all financial receipts with all our responsibility, for the funds are expended exceptionally according to the intended purpose of social projects, in accordance with the budget approved in advance.

To make a charitable donation to the Foundation it is sufficient to stop near any QIWI payment terminal and transfer funds to the account, for which you need to select Other services on the interface, then press Charity button, select Saby Foundation and enter your donation. Every Tenge is of importance for us!

One may learn about other ways to help, as well as the details of all events on our sites,, that are presented also in the Kazakh and the English.

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