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Building of Residential Community in Aktobe
08-04-2015 15:49 | Orkendeu Project » Social hostel for the orphanage leavers in the cit

Saby Charitable Foundation in scope of the Project Orkendeu starts the building of a residential community in Aktobe city for the boarding schools graduates who have health disabilities.

This decision has been made on the basis of the data obtained due to the meetings and consultations with the agents of guardianship and wardship authority in Aktobe city as well as after the meeting with Akim of Aktobe city, Aktobe region who were sympathetic to endorse this initiative.

According to available information currently there is only one operating House for youth, which is the institution for the social adaptation of orphan children and for the children without parental care come to this House after graduating the regional boarding schools. This House is 1971 year built, it is obsolete and worn-out; its designated for 100 places but it is permanently overcrowded as children from all over the region come here. Besides the vacant places are deficit there is also a real problem for the boarding schools graduates with mental disabilities, need independent residence as they need more time for adaptation and permanent social-psychological support. Its urgent need to build new building to provide the residence to such group of children.

According to socioeconomic project rationale there is proposition to build a range of 2-floor townhouses with total capacity 80 places; the ground floors of these houses will be designated for the wheelchair users accommodation. We are as well planning to build mini-shops to provide possibility of the labour adaptation to the educatees and also the possibility to work and become financially sufficient. Moreover building of gym, events hall and sports ground is also provisioned. All the objects will meet requirements of the currently valid regulatory documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The total area of buildings and facilities will amount approximately 6 000 sq.m.

Saby Charitable Foundation undertakes upon designing, building and complete equipping of the residential community as well the landscaping and general improvement of the territory. After all the works will have been completed and the object will be commissioned Turnkey, so the object is transferred to the ownership of regional akimat for it to provide the further financing and to support its operation.

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