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One more gift for Childrens Hospital
18-05-2016 14:42 | Medical Project

One more gift for Childrens Hospital Recently in the City Childrens Clinical Hospital No.2 a computer complex composed of Neyron-Spektr-4P and Neyron-Spektr Video devices for electroencephalography (EEG), which was purchased by our Foundation in the March of this year, has been installed.

The medical apparatus has been tested and already put into the day-to-day operation, servicing the little patients.

In addition to the medical equipment the healthcare center has received as a gift from Saby Foundation the bedding items in amount of h 240 blankets and the same number of pillows and 480 sets of bedclothes. Whereas the EEG-complex assists to hasten the recovery of children, the brand new bedclothes makes downhome their stay at the in-patient facility.

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