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The Mission
26-04-2009 16:58 | General information

The Mission of Saby Foundation is to enhance the understanding by the general public of charitable activities, and to make philanthropy effective for charity recipients and attractive for sponsors.
We do seek to avoid historical errors of the charitable movement where in 50-60s adepts of the largest funds determined the welfare as one of the obligatory human rights. Such fund policy resulted in the fact that several human generations grew up, who used to the dependency and wished no social independence.
However, philanthropy is somewhat more than a boring measurement of the amount of money contributed. That means distribution of not so much consumer amenities as funds, due to which people themselves will be able to acquire the said amenities. As the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzy said: “If some fish is given to the man, who needs it, he will subsist all day long, if he is given a fishing rod – he will be full up for the rest of his life”.
Based on our position, life should be changed by people themselves but not by activist-philanthropist, - philanthropists just initiate such changes. Such understanding of the Mission predetermines the conduct by the Foundation of its socially important and purposeful activities subject to the principles of monitoring, planning, technological effectiveness and regulation of results.

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